An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 803

Chapter 803

Besides throwing his darts, Fatty also threw a punch toward his opponent. That way, even if his weapons failed to hit the target, his punch would still be able to hit the man in red.

“Such useless tricks!” The man in red sneered before whipping his spear around to slap the darts away.

Immediately after sweeping the final dart aside, the man thrust his spear forward at an incredible speed. Before Fatty had time to reách, the



Sor had impaled his shoulder, throwing him

Fatty tried to get up, but the spear’s tip was already resting against his throat. He’d be killed if he made any sudden movements now.

“You’ve lost,” The man in red said condescendingly.

“W-who on earth are you?” Fatty was terrified.

He never imagined that he’d be beaten so quickly and effortlessly.

“Listen well. I’m Oscar Winston, and I’m the eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals,” the man in

red announced proudly.

“Eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals?” Fatty was shocked. No wonder his opponent was so strong.

Curse his rotten luck!

“What are you waiting for? Scram!” Oscar used his spear to flip Fatty back into the lake, and the

latter had no choice but to swim back to shore.

Ultimately, the Balerno martial arts alliance lost the first round terribly.

“Sir Reeds, your men seem quite weak. Can’t you choose someone stronger?” A bearded man chuckled from inside the Glenstead martial arts alliance’s gazebo.

This man was the leader of the Glenstead martial arts alliance, Conrad Melling. Next to him was

Brutus Grint, Zen Order’s guildmaster.

“You shouldn’t celebrate so early, Sir Melling. No one can tell what will happen for sure,” Ronald


-Although they weren’t speaking very loudly, their voices could still be heard from across the


“Sure. Let’s keep watching!” Conrad laughed louder.

“Who’ll go next?” Jared turned to look at the remaining three contestants and pointed at the man

in black next to him. “You’re up!”

“But Oscar Winston is eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals, I’m no match for him!” The man in

black exclaimed.

“I’m not asking you to defeat him. You just have to make him use up his true energy. If you exhaust his true energy, I’ll be able to defeat him easily!” Jared humphed.

“What? Doesn’t that mean that you’re just going to use me as your stepping stone?” The man in black was displeased

“This is the best solution. I’ll give you some credit once I win the tournament,” Jared persuaded.

Jared ranked lower than Oscar on The Heavenly Immortals, so his chances of winning the battle head-on were only fifty percent.

Thus, he had to use others to exhaust Oscar’s true energy if he wanted a winning chance.

“Alright. I’ll fight to the death for our alliance!” The man in black steeled himself and promised.

It was a matter of honor, so he had no other choice

“Remember, hold him back for as long as possible,” Jared reminded.

“Don’t worry, Jared. I might not be able to defeat him, but I can still slow him down. Just wait and see!”

The man in black leaped onto the boat and glided toward the arena.

Three minutes later, there was a pained wail as he was thrown off the platform and into the lake.


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