An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 805

Chapter 805

Now that their strongest fighter had appeared, they hoped he could save Balerno’s reputation.

“Who are you?”

As Jared stepped onto the platform, Oscar swung his spear and pointed its head toward him.

“Jared Yancy. Twelfth on The Heavenly Immortals.” Jared glared at Oscar.

“I see.” Oscar narrowed his eyes, his expression turning serious.

They were outstanding individuals on The Heavenly Immortals and were only one rank apart. In other words, their skills were more or less on par. There was a chance of losing if they underestimated their enemy.

“I’ll win this match! Once I do, I’ll use you as my stepping stone to make my way up the top ten of the list!” Jared drew his sword.

“Really? Let’s see about that.” Oscar chuckled icily.

He gripped his spear with both hands firmly and got into position.

Soon, the bell rang three times.

They shot toward each other and began attacking.

Instantly, metal clanged, and sparks flew as they countered each others’ attacks. A crazy amount of true energy burst forth and whirled around the two fighters. It caused ripples in the lake and, the wind to soar.

Jared’s sword skills relied on pure strength, while Oscar’s spear skills relied on his agility and fluidity. The battle was exciting since the two of them were evenly matched.

“Take him down, Jared!”

“You can do it, Jared! Show him who’s boss!”

The Boulderthorn disciples shouted animatedly. Jared wasn’t just representing the Balerno martial arts alliance anymore. He was also representing Boulderthorn.

In the gazebo, Patrick asked, “Who do you think will win, Grandpa?”

“I can’t tell since they’re evenly matched.” Paul narrowed his eyes.

“I hope Jared wins, or Dustin’s responsibility will be huge.” Patrick sighed.

“You’ve got to win!”

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the tense battle. They’d still have a winning chance if Jared won, but if he lost, it would be game over.

As time ticked by, they began to fight more aggressively. They had practically exhausted their true energy, so they relied on sheer willpower and could lose at any moment.

“Go to hell!”

With a loud cry, the two mustered their remaining strength for the last attack to determine the


Jared swung his sword and sliced Oscar’s spear in half before driving the blade into Oscar’s shoulder. At the same time, Oscar thrust the remaining half of his spear into Jared’s chest.

In the end, Oscar collapsed onto the ground, throwing up blood, while Jared flew backward from the momentum and fell into the lake with a splash.

Both of them were severely wounded. However, according to the rules, Oscar won!

“He lost?” The Balerno martial artists were devastated by the result.

This was the first time they had ever lost four times in a row, leaving all of them disheartened.

They only had one contestant left. There was no way they could expect Dustin to perform a miracle and turn the table.


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