An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 806

Chapter 806

“Oh no… There goes our chance of winning.”

“How did things turn out this way? How could we have lost every single round?”

“The Knighthood Society tournament this year is an embarrassment for all of us martial artists from Balerno!”

Jared’s defeat sent the Balerno martial arts alliance into low spirits. There was anger,

disappointment, helplessness, and also resentment.

Both sides had always been on the same level in the previous Knighthood Society tournaments, making it an exciting event for everyone. No matter the outcome, they always gave their all and gained the audience’s respect.

But the tournament today was unexpectedly depressing for the Balerno martial arts alliance. They had been crushed in the first three rounds, and there wasn’t anything worth watching.

Things seemed to look up for them in the fourth round. In the end, they still lost. They have now consecutively lost for four matches and were utterly humiliated. It was truly shameful.

“No… That’s impossible! My senior is the best fighter out there! How could he be defeated?”

“It was obvious that Jared had hit Oscar first. What a shame that he was thrown off the platform!”

The Boulderthorn disciples found it hard to accept the outcome. Jared’s abilities were considered/ the best among the younger generation of Boulderthorn disciples. It was a pity that he lost.

“I guess we don’t have a chance of winning the tournament this year, sir.” Ronald sighed helplessly.

If Jared had won, there was still hope of turning the table. But now that Jared had lost, there was no way they’d be able to win anymore.

“We still have one more person left. We haven’t lost yet,” Paul said seriously.

“But sir, we have only Rhys left. How can he possibly defeat the five aces of Glenstead alone?”

Ronald shook his head.

“Well, now that Oscar is wounded, only four of them are left.” Paul corrected.

“Sir, even if Oscar can’t fight anymore, Glenstead still has four more contestants. And all four of

them are stronger than Oscar! Rhys doesn’t stand a chance against all four of them!” Ronald smiled wryly.

It was tough enough to fight against Oscar, who was ranked 11th out of the Heavenly Immortals. But the remaining four were experts in the top ten ranking of the Heavenly Immortals.

It was true that Dustin had defeated Terry Doyle, who had ranked 13th. But his chances of winning against those in the top ten rankings were low. Now he was going up against four of them by himself. It was impossible for him.

“Let’s just give it a try. We have no other options now.” Paul sighed. Deep down, he knew that with just Dustin alone, it would take a miracle for him to turn the tables.

He hoped that Dustin would win just one round. At least then, they wouldn’t be so embarrassed. It would make them the greatest joke ever if they were to lose five consecutive rounds.

When the wounded Jared was helped out of the lake, he was soaked from head to toe. His expression was dark.

It made him even more embarrassed, especially with everyone looking at him. He had gone up so confidently but ended up losing. It was humiliating.

“Jared! Are you alright?” A group of disciples from the Steeljaws Fellowship hurriedly rushed over to him.

“Just some minor injuries. It’s not a big deal,” Jared forced himself to say.

“Hah! Still acting tough when he can’t even stand straight.” Azalea, who stood behind Dustin, couldn’t resist mocking.

“Shut up! Had Oscar not thrown a surprise attack, do you think he’d be able to beat Jared?” Devon glared at her.

“That’s right! Oscar would have died had Jared not spared him some mercy!” others added.

“You should learn to admit your defeats. It’s embarrassing to make excuses when you’ve lost. Azalea rolled her eyes.

“You-!” Jared was so flustered, and with his internal injuries, he coughed up blood.

“Wow! Are you even coughing up blood now? You better hurry to a hospital or something. We’d hate to see you die here,” Azalea taunted.

“You b*tch! You’re asking for it!” Devon’s temper flared. But as he was about to get violent, he noticed a snake’s head poking from the collar of Azalea’s shirt.

He immediately pulled his hand back in fear when the venomous snake hissed. If he were to be bitten by the snake, he might lose his arm on the spot, just as his fellow guild member had.

“If you’re so good, why don’t you go up there and fight?” Desmond challenged.

“I’m not. But my man is.” Azalea linked her arm with Dustin’s, a boastful expression on her face.


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