An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 807

Chapter 807

Dustin glanced at Azalea and pulled his arm away from her grasp.

“Him? How strong do you think he is? He isn’t even fit to be compared to Jared!” Desmond mocked.

“Exactly! Jared’s ranked 12th among the Heavenly Immortals! This bastard isn’t even worthy to be near him!” Devon exclaimed.

“If Jared’s so great, why did he lose earlier?” Dustin countered. That simple question silenced


“Hmph! I’ve indeed lost, but do you think that you’d be able to win? With your level of skills, you won’t even withstand three hits!” Jared forced through clenched jaws.

“Is that so? Let’s wait and see then.” Dustin smiled faintly, not saying another word. He would much rather prove himself with his abilities than participate in meaningless arguments.

Right then, someone exclaimed excitedly, “Look! Someone’s replacing Oscar in the arena!”

Everyone looked toward the middle of the lake, only to see Oscar leave the platform.

Another graceful and elegant man in white made his way toward the platform on a boat.

“Hey, isn’t that Joel Finch, ranked tenth among the Heavenly Immortals?”

“Oh, my God! It is Joel Finch! We’re in trouble!”

“Even Oscar seemed invincible. Now we’ve got Joel, who’s even better than Oscar. What’s the point in continuing? We might as well just admit defeat already!”

After they confirmed the identity of the man in white, the Balerno martial arts alliance cried out and panicked.

“It’s him?” Dustin raised a brow, finding it rather unexpected.

“Haha! It seems like you’re out of luck, bastard! You’re in trouble, going up against Joel!” Jared smirked, laughing at Dustin’s misfortune.

He had already embarrassed himself. He didn’t mind seeing more people end up in the same

situation as him.

“Jared, is Joel really that great?” Devon asked curiously.

“Great doesn’t even begin to explain what he’s capable of! He ranks tenth among the Heavenly

Immortals! That means he’s one of the top ten best divine-level martial artists! Even I’d be defeated in a second if I ever went up against him!” Jared said earnestly.

“Gosh! That’s amazing!” Everyone was shocked. The fact that Jared would praise him as such. showed how strong Joel’s abilities were.

“Hey, bastard! Weren’t you all high and mighty just a while ago? Why don’t you give it a try in the

arena?” Jared taunted.

“Haha! Look at him! I bet he’s feeling weak in the knees right now. How would he even dare to go into the arena?” Desmond ridiculed.

“No way! Don’t tell me that you don’t even dare to try and fight? How cowardly!” Devon jeered.

In their eyes, Dustin was bound to lose. The only question was, how bad was his defeat going to be?

“What are you yapping on about? Joel Finch? I’m not afraid of him.”

Dustin walked forward and gave the boat a light kick to get it moving. Then, he jumped elegantly onto the boat and made his way toward the middle of the lake.

“Wow! Did he go? How bold of him!” Devon smirked.

“He doesn’t know where he stands, We’ll just wait and see how he dies!” Desmond said in contempt.

“Hah! Even I’m no match for Joel! How does this bastard dare to take up his challenge? He must really want to humiliate himself!” Jared laughed meanly.

Dustin was just a nobody. How could he stand up against someone who ranked tenth among the Heavenly Immortals?

Up in the arena, Joel stood there with his arms behind his back. He welcomed the applause and cheers from the audience with an arrogant expression.

He was determined to make a name for himself today!

“Go, Joel! Show them what the Zen Order is made of!”

“Even Oscar could go against four of them himself. Joel is even better than Oscar. It’d be a breeze for him.”

“This will be a predictable match. Let’s see how long the opponent can hold up for.”

The Glenstead martial arts alliance was confident. Disciples of the Zen Order were exceptionally proud.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I’ll finish things up quickly.” Joel gestured towards his fellow guild members by the lake and turned to face his opponent.

But when he saw the familiar face on the boat, Joel felt as if lightning struck him. A wave of fear immediately overwhelmed him.

“Mon-monster! The monster is here!” After mumbling to himself for a bit, Joel suddenly shrieked.

Then, without another word, he jumped into the lake and escaped as though his life was on the



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