An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 808

Chapter 808

With a loud splash, Joel jumped into the lake and escaped when he saw Dustin.

He splashed and thrashed wildly in the water like a fish on the verge of death. He looked terrified.

Jared and Devon were stunned. Even all the Boulderthorn disciples and the Glenstead martial arts alliance members were shocked.

Everyone gaped in disbelief.

For the most senior disciple of the Zen Order, an expert ranked tenth among the Heavenly Immortals, to be scared and flee in terror. Nobody expected this outcome!

The pure fear in his eyes made him look like he’d seen a ghost. If they had not seen it for themselves, they would not believe such a thing happened.

“Wh-what? He ran away?”

“What the f*ck? What’s going on? The match hasn’t even started, and he’s already given up?”

“Has Joel gone crazy? Look at him. He looks like he’s possessed!’

After a short silence, an uproar broke out among the crowd.

Joel’s actions stunned both those from the Balerno martial arts alliance and the Glenstead martial arts alliance.

“Sir, what’s the Glenstead martial arts alliance doing?” Ronald was caught off guard.

Everyone had expected an exciting match. Joel running away even before the match started was unexpected.

“Well… I’m not too sure either.” Paul looked puzzled.

He had believed that Dustin would win, but he never expected it to be so easy. He had won even without fighting!

“Jared, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Did Joel run away?” Devon could not believe his eyes.

“Joel’s ranked tenth among the Heavenly Immortals! How could he lose in such an undignified manner?” Desmond’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Damn it! What the heck is Joel doing?” Jared frowned. He was as confused as everyone else was.

Technically speaking, it would be a piece of cake for Joel to defeat a nobody like Dustin.

How did he end up running away in fear at just the sight of his opponent? The match hadn’t even

started at all!

How could a person with such status embarrass himself like that?

“Azalea, why did that person run away when he saw Dustin?” Abigail wondered aloud.

“I guess he probably lost to him in the past, so now he’s traumatized,” Azalea said with a smirk.

Dustin was unbelievably powerful. She had not seen the full extent of how powerful he could be. But her guess was that he was almost as strong as the Dark Lord.

“How easy.” Dustin chuckled. He never expected Joel to react like that.

Dustin hadn’t even entered the arena, and Joel had already jumped into the lake. He didn’t have any intention to redeem his previous humiliation at all.

Joel splashed madly in the lake, trying to reach the lake’s edge as fast as he could.

By then, those from the Glenstead martial arts alliance were already complaining and looking at Joel in disdain.

It was one thing to lose in a fight. But to run away before the match even started was an act of cowardice and very much looked down upon.

“What’s wrong, Joel? Why are you running away?” Brutus Grint looked at Joel with displeasure, obviously unhappy with his actions.

“Joel, are you giving up even before the match has started? This is truly shameful!” Daniel Grint grumbled.

“I wouldn’t have escaped if I had a choice, master! But I don’t stand a chance against that person!”

Joel looked like he was about to cry, his eyes full of fear. “He-h-he’s the monster who injured me so badly two days ago!”

“What? It was him?”


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