An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 810

Chapter 810

The voice surprised all three of them.

They looked over to where the voice came from, only to see Dustin standing on the platform in the middle of the lake. He had his hands behind his back, looking totally composed.

“Hey, brat. What did you just say? I didn’t catch you.” Alan’s eyes narrowed, squinting at Dustin.

“I said the three of you should fight me together. That will save us a lot of time, and you won’t have to fight over who fights the match. Wouldn’t that be better?” Dustin asked calmly.

An uproar broke out among the crowd.

“Fuck! Is the bastard out of his mind? How dare he be so arrogant?”

“Does he have a death wish? How could he challenge three experts who rank among the top ten of the Heavenly Immortals?”

“Hah! He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into!”

The crowd pointed at Dustin and commented among themselves. They looked at him like he was out of his mind.

“Jared, is the fella out of his mind? He doesn’t even stand a chance against them. How dare he challenge all three of them at once? What a joke!” A smirk tugged on Devon’s lips.

“He’s just an attention-seeking clown. He knows he can’t win against them. He’s doing this so that when he loses, he can make an excuse for himself.” Jared shot Dustin a disdainful look.

“At the end of the day, he’s just given up. No wonder he’s acting so recklessly.” Bouderthorn disciples looked at him in contempt.

Dustin had been lucky and won the previous round without having to fight. The disciples thought that Dustin probably knew there was no chance of winning this round, so he quickly gave up.

“Hey, brat, do you even know what you’re saying? You’re challenging all three of us at once.

you even capable of taking us on?” Alan’s expression was dark.


He knew everyone in the top ten ranks among the Heavenly Immortals, and this bastard was obviously not one of them. How dare a nobody who wasn’t even in the top ten challenge them?

“Well, you’ll find out whether or not I’m capable when the match begins, won’t you? Or, do you not dare to take up my challenge?” Dustin stared at him from the platform, calm as always.

“What a bastard! I see you’re not one to cry until death stares you in the eye!”

Alan was riled up, and he hopped onto the boat. Then, using his broadsword as an oar, he

brought it down heavily onto the water’s surface, sending water splashing everywhere.

That pushed the boat forward, and he made his way steadily onto the platform in the middle of the lake.

“You’re taking him for yourself? Not so fast!” Seeing Alan moving toward the arena, Lexi rushed forward and jumped into the boat.

“This is truly unbecoming of a martial artist!” Torres rushed to catch up with them as the boat was already quite far from the lake’s edge.

He jumped, landed on the lake’s surface, and swiftly ran toward the boat. When the boat was within reach, he jumped and did a somersault, landing breezily onto the boat.

Thus, the three of them went to the arena on the same boat.

“No way! Is he really going to go up against all three at once?”

“He asked for it. Who’s to be blamed? Even if he lost, he would deserve it.”

“He must be crazy! He’s risking the honor of the alliance just for his personal gain!”

Those from the Balerno martial arts alliance were infuriated to see Dustin going up against all three opponents simultaneously.

He might have a slight chance of winning if he went up against them individually. But going up against all three at one go was a death wish!

“Oi, brat! It’s not too late for you to take your words back yet. If you pick me as your opponent, I’ll let you have three moves first!” Alan was the first to speak when he reached the


“Three moves? I’ll give you five!” Lexi held out a hand and showed five fingers.

“Haha! I guess I’ll have to take a step back then. I’ll let you have ten moves first as a head start.

Torres smiled slyly.

The three behaved like bargaining peddlers, negotiating with Dustin to give him their best


“That’s enough. Stop arguing. Just come at me together.” Dustin waved dismissively. His indifferent attitude showed that he did not consider them worthy opponents.

“Hey, brat! Are you asking for death?” Alan was annoyed

“I’m just giving you a chance. None of you stand a chance against me one on one. But if all three of you attacked at once, you might have a slight chance,” Dustin said casually.


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