An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 814

Chapter 814

Lexi was shocked when she saw Alan beheaded.

Torres’ ruthlessness was beyond her expectations. Who would have thought that he’d kill someone on a whim?

They didn’t even have any serious conflicts beforehand. The only conflict of interest they shared was who would compete in the match first.

They had no grudge between them and were on the same side. Lexi could not comprehend why Torres would do such a thing.

“It’s your turn now.” Torres smirked, sticking his tongue out to lick the blood off his knife.

He looked like a psychopath!

“Why are you doing this? We haven’t got any grudges between us. Why can’t you show us some mercy?” Lexi was terrified.

She struggled with all her might, but as she was paralyzed by the poison, she could not escape.

“I do not need a reason to wipe out you Dragonmarshians, especially talents like you! The more of the likes of you that die, the better! Now, go to hell!” With that, he aimed the knife at Lexi.

Suddenly, a silver needle flew toward Torres from amidst the smoke and accurately hit the blade. The impact sent the knife flying from Torres’ hand and clattering to the ground.

He frowned and looked in the direction where the needle came from. Before him, amidst the smoke, emerged a figure.

It was Dustin!

“Hey, brat! You’re not dead yet?” Torres’ eyes widened, surprised.

After all, the poison he had carefully concocted was one that few could withstand, apart from grandmasters. It was strange to see the man before him unaffected by the poison.

“To be honest, I am immune to all poisons. Your poison does not affect me at all,” Dustin said


“No wonder. It seems like I’ve met a fellow practitioner.”

Torres reached behind his back and pulled out two daggers.

“Buddy! Save me… Quick!” Lexi wailed in agony as black blood flowed out from her nose continuously.

Dustin sent an antidote pill flying straight into her mouth with a flick.

Lexi swallowed the pill. Soon, she was no longer in pain. Her skin, which had previously turned black from the poison, gradually returned to normal.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Lexi wept in relief and gratitude at being saved.

“Impressive! You do have some tricks up your sleeves, I see!”

Torres frowned slightly. No regular person could have the antidote to the poison he came up with.

“From what you just said, it sounded like you’re not Dragonmarshian, are you? Tell me, exactly are you?” Dustin suddenly asked.


Judging from how he could easily kill his companions, he clearly wasn’t a good person.

“Hah! You’re going to die soon. Why do you need to know so much?” Torres’ expression darkened.

“You better come clean, or you will die a miserable death.” Dustin looked at him indifferently.

“You’re just a nobody! How dare you speak to me so arrogantly? Die!”

Without another word, Torres vanished from sight. When he reappeared again, he was already behind Dustin. He aimed a dagger toward Dustin’s throat, which emitted a dark glint.

Without even turning around, Dustin reached a hand out and blocked the side of his neck. The dagger slashed across his palm, making a metallic clang. But he wasn’t injured at all.

Torres’ expression darkened. Then his dagger changed course, and instead of slashing, he stabbed it straight at Dustin’s back.

Again, another metallic clang rang.

To Torres’ astonishment, his strike failed to harm Dustin, and his dagger broke. “How is this possible?” Torres was alarmed.


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