An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 815

Chapter 815

Torres’ dagger was made of darksteel, which was virtually indestructible.

Stabbing someone with the dagger should have been like a knife cutting through butter. Then, why had he not been able to harm Dustin? Who exactly was he?

“Are you still going to put up a fight?” Dustin slowly turned around to face him, his gaze sharp.

“Go to hell!”

Torres took a step back, creating distance between them. At the same time, he threw a volley of poisoned darts at Dustin. They rained down on him instantly.

With a cold expression, Dustin simply brushed them away with a wave of his hand.

With a whoosh, Dustin reflected all the darts at Torres.

Unable to dodge in time, most of the poisoned darts hit Torres. He fell to the ground on the spot.

As he tried to get up, Dustin placed his foot on Torres’ chest, pinning him. Torres could not


“Spill! Who on earth are you?” Dustin looked down at him, an impassive look in his eyes.

“I’m someone you cannot afford to cross. So get the hell off me and let me go, or you’ll regret the day you were born!” Torres threatened fiercely, despite the disadvantageous position he

was in.

“Oh? Is that so?”

Dustin put force on his foot, cracking Torres’ ribs one by one. Torres bled from his nose and mouth. A deathly fear gripped him.

“Alright! I’ll speak!” Seeing how his chest was about to collapse from the pressure, Torres lost

his cool.

“I’m a Shadowslayer assassin from Kimboku. I’ve been hiding in Dragonmarsh all this time, collecting information on all of you.”

“Kimboku? Shadowslayer?” Dustin widened his eyes in surprise.

Kimboku was Dragonmarsh’s nemesis. Both countries had always had ongoing friction and disagreements.

As for Shadowslayer, it was one of the top three sects in Kimboku. It produced many assassins who specialized in collecting intelligence and carrying out secret operations.

Shadowslayer assassins were a mystery. They rarely ever made an appearance and were always in hiding.

Dustin never expected to meet one of them here.

And most importantly, one who had managed to make his way among the Heavenly Immortals, becoming an expert martial artist respected by all.

“I believe you’ve heard of Shadowslayer. If you do not wish to get into trouble, let me go right this instant. Or you’ll regret it!’ Torres threatened once again.

“You Shadowslayers have been wreaking havoc in Dragonmarsh. Do you think you can make it out alive today?” Dustin asked frostily.

“I’m warning you, you better not act recklessly. If you dare harm me, you will undoubtedly face the relentless pursuit of the Shadowslayers. You-!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Dustin-shifted his full weight on his foot. A dull cracking sound was heard, and Torres’ chest exploded. His eyes popped out of their sockets, and he died on the spot.

At the same time, the crowd was in confusion.

“What’s going on? Which side has won?”

“Do you need to ask? Of course, the Glenstead martial arts alliance won! They fought three to

one! It would have been a breeze for them!”

“Damn it! We missed out on the best part of the show because of the smoke! I can’t see shit!”

The thick, black smoke enveloped the arena. The crowd couldn’t help but complain.

“Jared, the smoke looks like it’s extremely poisonous. Do you think the bastard died from the poison yet?” Devon asked warily.

“Hah! He went up against three of them, and there was poison in the smoke. No matter how great he is, he’s bound to die today!” Jared smiled coldly.

“Jared, look! The smoke is clearing up!” a Boulderthorn disciple exclaimed.

As everyone focused on the arena, they saw the smoke gradually clearing up after a gust of wind blew it away.

At the same time, a figure stood with hands behind his back, gradually revealing himself before their eyes.

But everyone was shocked once they got a clear view of the person on the platform.

The smile on Jared and the Boulderthorn disciples froze completely. They gaped, tongue-tied,

with an expression of disbelief.


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