An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 818

Chapter 818

“H-he’s dead?” Dustin was shocked, looking at Paul lying there lifelessly. His eyes widened in disbelief.

The sudden turn of events caught him off guard, and he had trouble processing what he saw.

How could this be? Why did Paul die? Who did it?

Paul was a grandmaster martial artist, one of the five ultimate grandmasters of Balerno! Who was capable of killing him?

The killer carried out the deed so quietly without anyone finding out. Who could it be?

Dustin’s mind raced, trying hard to catch any trace of abnormality and make sense of the situation. However, he could not make heads or tails of the situation.

Everything had happened too suddenly, without even the slightest sign.

Dustin crouched down to check Paul’s body.

He noticed that his body still had a lingering trace of warmth to it. From that, he deduced that the time of death was less than an hour


And before he died, he had been intoxicated by a substance that had messed with his senses, which led to delayed reactions.

As for the fatal wound, Dustin noticed that it was a wound on his back. It must have been a short weapon like a knife or dagger.

The killer stabbed Paul in the back and into the heart, delivering a lethal blow. The blade was coated with a deadly poison to ensure nothing went wrong.

It would take an extremely skilled person, or someone the victim knew personally, to assassinate a grandmaster silently. Those were the only ways a person could sneak up on them or catch them unguarded.

“Grandfather, here’s your tea…”

Patrick walked in right then. But when he saw Paul’s dead body on the floor, he felt like lightning had struck him.

The pot of tea in his hands fell to the floor with a loud thud, shattering into a million pieces.

“Dustin! You-You killed my grandfather?” When he finally reacted, Patrick paled and stumbled back in shock

“It wasn’t me. When I entered, Sir Paul was already dead,” Dustin hurriedly explained.

Blood was on his hands as he had checked Paul’s wounds earlier. He knew how misleading it


“There was only the both of you here. Who else could it have been if not you?” Patrick was anguished. “My grandfather had been nothing but nice to you, Dustin. Why would you do such a thing?”

“Calm down. Things aren’t as they seem.” Dustin frowned.

“My grandfather’s dead! How do you expect me to stay calm? If you’re not the murderer, then immediately surrender without putting up a fight. I will investigate the matter and give you justice once I find out the truth!” Patrick demanded.

“Fine. My conscience is clear, and I have nothing to fear.” Dustin nodded.

After all, he was the only one in the room with Paul. Now that Paul was dead, he would inevitably be the main suspect.

It only made sense for him to cooperate with investigations.

“What’s the matter?” Hearing the commotion, Spring, Autumn, and several others rushed in.

Everyone was horrified when they saw Paul’s body lying on the ground in the bamboo house. And then, they saw the blood on Dustin’s hands. Rage took over them, and their eyes burned with fury.

“Dustin! Y-you! How dare you! How dare you murder my father?” Autumn glared at him murderously.

“I did not kill him. You got it wrong.” Dustin denied it immediately.

“I got it wrong? All of us here witness this, and you still intend to deny it?” Autumn asked through clenched jaws.

“That’s right! Look at the blood on your hands! I’m sure you were the one who murdered my grandfather! You monster!” Torben roared.

He had been utterly humiliated when Dustin beat him up in the past. However, he had gone too far by murdering his grandfather this time. He was too much!

“Dustin! Why did you do this? When has my father ever wronged you?” Spring demanded.


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