An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 819

Chapter 819

“Spring! Don’t waste your breath on him! He must pay dearly for murdering Father!” Autumn roared. “Guards! Avenge my father and chop this rascal up into pieces!”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone in the Hill household wielded their weapons and closed in on Dustin.

“Listen, this is all a trap. Someone deliberately planned all this to set me up!” Dustin explained as he dodged their attacks.

He finally realized that something was amiss. Paul had been assassinated right when he was supposed to meet him.

It was all too much of a coincidence. Someone was blatantly out to frame him.

“Charge! Kill him!”

None of the Hills were ready to hear him out. They charged at him relentlessly, every move intending to kill.

Paul was the backbone of the family. He represented the honor and glory of the Hills.

Now that he was murdered in their home, it was only natural that they would be furious. Their only wish right now was to kill Dustin and avenge Paul.

“Everyone, please give me some time! I will certainly find the real culprit!”

Seeing how his explanations weren’t working, Dustin wasted no more time. With a light step, he jumped into the air and broke straight through the roof of the bamboo house.

He disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“After him! Kill him no matter what it takes!” Autumn shouted, his eyes bloodshot.

For a moment, the entire Hill family was in a flurry of movements.

Hordes of their elite guards and subordinates raced out after Dustin. Even the hidden guards who rarely made an appearance were sent into action.

They had only one target in mind, and that was to kill Dustin Rhys!

At the same time, over in the martial arts alliance’s headquarters,

Ronald was in a meeting with several of the alliance’s elders. They were discussing their plans for the future.

After winning the Knighthood Society tournament, the Balerno martial arts alliance became more well-known. They would completely dominate the Glenstead martial arts alliance for the next three years.

They wouldn’t just gain more resources, but they could also recruit more talents. Even Oakvale would shower them with generous rewards. They truly gained a lot from the win.

“Sir Reeds, it’s all thanks to Dustin that we won this time. Remember to reward him handsomely


for it.”

“That’s right. He’s really talented and exceptionally skilled. We must focus on nurturing him to make the most of his potential!”

The elders all sang Dustin’s praises. They have very high expectations for the dark horse.

“Haha! Rest assured. He’s such an outstanding talent. I’ll provide him with all the resources and help him become a grandmaster!” Ronald chuckled.

“That would be for the best.” They nodded cheerfully.

Once Dustin became a grandmaster, the Balerno martial arts alliance’s strength would greatly increase. By then, those from the Glenstead martial arts alliance would have something to worry


“Sir! We’ve got bad news! Something terrible has happened!”

Just then, a member of the alliance rushed in. He was sweating.

“What is it that got you so flustered?” Ronald was obviously displeased.

“It’s Sir Paul… He’s… He’s dead!” the guild member reported.

“What? Sir Paul’s dead? How is that possible?” Ronald’s expression fell.

The rest of the elders were clearly in disbelief too.

“It’s true! I just received news from the Hill family that Sir Paul has been assassinated!” The member looked like he was about to break into tears.

“Who? Who did it?” Ronald was furious. He grabbed the person who broke the news to them and lifted him off his feet.

“It… It was Dustin Rhys! He killed Sir Paul!”

Everyone was dumbfounded and stood frozen in place with the news.


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