An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 825

Chapter 825

If Ronald hadn’t calmed the crowd and bought Dustin some time to investigate, violence would’ve erupted. Things would be vastly different if that happened.

“Dustin, I can’t help you openly. But if you ever run into any problems, you may come to me in private,” Ronald told him sincerely.

“Thank you, Sir Reeds.” Dustin was thankful.

“Now that things have come to this, you should watch your back.” Ronald shook his head and sighed before walking away.

The crowd came quickly and left just as quickly.

Once they saw Dustin swallow the Septemortis, they knew he would die. It no longer mattered to them whether he was guilty.

“Sir Rhys, you were too rash to take the poison! Why would you risk your life like that?” Cornelius sighed heavily. He really couldn’t understand why Dustin would take the pill.

“All the elites from Balerno and Glenstead martial arts alliance were gathered here. Even with all of you here, you won’t be able to stop them,” Dustin answered calmly.

“Even if we can’t defeat them, we can take a few down with us. I refuse to believe that all of them aren’t afraid of death!” Cornelius retorted defiantly!

“Alright. There’s no point discussing this anymore. Your main focus now should be to find the culprit as soon as possible!” Dustin said seriously.

“What about you, Sir Rhys?” Cornelius asked with his brow furrowed.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me. Go on.” Dustin waved his hand to dismiss them.

“Yes, sir!” Cornelius answered and led his men away.

“Sir Rhys, your nose is bleeding!” Nelson suddenly exclaimed.

“What?” Dustin touched his nose and saw blood on his fingers. “Damn it! The Septemortis is truly extraordinary! Who’d have thought that I would experience a reaction so soon?”

He was practically invincible. However, his body was unable to withstand the ten deadliest poisons.

The residual venom from the Deadly Slither before was enough to make him unconscious.

Now that he had taken an entire Septemortis pill, it weakened his immune system.

Most importantly, the Septemortis poison couldn’t be expelled by a person’s cultivation. There was absolutely nothing he could do as the toxin slowly entered his bloodstream. Once that happened, it would move on to attack his organs.

Though the process would take time, it was deadly. And the scariest thing was how complicated it was to clear out the poison completely.

Dustin had excellent medical skills. But his hands were tied if he didn’t have the relevant


Chapter 825


“Seems like we’ll have to get our hands on the culprit this time, no matter what,” Dustin mumbled to himself. He was starting to feel the pressure building up.

“Sir Rhys, are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Nelson asked.

It was concerning to see Dustin’s nose bleeding right after he had swallowed a poisonous pill.

“I’m fine. That wouldn’t be necessary.” Dustin shook his head. If he couldn’t get rid of the poison,

the hospital couldn’t either.

“Are you sure you’re alright? The bleeding isn’t stopping. In fact, it looks like you’re bleeding even more now,” Nelson asked anxiously.

“It’s just a nosebleed. It’s nothing serious.” Dustin smiled, trying to appear calm. “Besides, just a little poison won’t be enough to harm me.”

The moment he finished talking, the world before him turned black.

Dustin had collapsed.


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