An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 827

Chapter 827

“Yay! We’re going to the theme park tomorrow!” Haley cheered excitedly when she heard Dustin’s


She didn’t forget to thank him sincerely too. “Thank you, Uncle Dustin! I wish you the best of luck and happiness and that you can rest in peace.”

“Rest in peace?” Natasha was first taken aback for a moment before she burst into laughter.

The child was too entertaining!

“What nonsense are you spouting? I think you mean to wish him a good and peaceful rest!” Nelson shot her a look and quickly corrected her.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Rhys! She didn’t mean what she said. Please don’t take it to heart,” Cecilia immediately apologized.

She worried he might be offended to hear something like that when he was hospitalized.

“That’s alright. She means no harm.” Dustin smiled warmly, not offended in the least.

“Uncle Dustin, it’s my birthday tomorrow. Will you join us to celebrate my birthday?” Haley cocked her head and asked innocently.

“Sure! I’ll be there!” Dustin ruffled her hair affectionately and agreed with a smile.

“Awesome!” Haley jumped with joy.

“Haley, you invited Uncle Dustin. What about me?” Natasha teased.

“You’re welcome to join, pretty lady!” Haley nodded enthusiastically.

“You’re such an adorable child! I’ve got a gift for you!”

As Natasha spoke, she pulled out an intricate crystal necklace and placed it in Haley’s hand.

Then, she asked her with a smile, “Do you like it?”

“I do! Thank you, pretty lady!”

Haley quickly planted a kiss on Natasha’s cheek, making her giggle.

“Miss Harmon, the necklace is too expensive for Haley! You should keep it!” Nelson was shocked.

“I can’t take back a gift that I’ve given her! Besides, it’s just a necklace. It isn’t worth much.” Natasha patted Haley on the head.

“Well, thank you then, Miss Harmon.” Nelson smiled politely at her.

The crystal necklace was worth millions, and she gave it out so easily. Nelson was impressed by her generosity.

“Haley, do you know if it’s a younger brother or a younger sister in Mommy’s tummy?” Natasha asked jokingly.

“Um…” Haley scratched her head. In the end, she said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll love him or her a lot either way.”

The adults smiled at each other when they heard that. They were amazed at how clever the child


“When will you be having a baby too, pretty lady?” Haley asked earnestly.

“Me?” Natasha was caught off guard.

She shot Dustin a gaze before chuckling. “Well, I can’t have a baby by myself. You’ll have to ask Uncle Dustin about that. See if he agrees to it.”

“Uncle Dustin, why won’t you have a baby with her?” Haley turned to look at Dustin.

“Well …” Dustin found himself momentarily speechless. He looked at her awkwardly.

He wasn’t affected by her wishing him to rest in peace. But now, she threw him such a tough question to answer?

“Do you not want a baby with the pretty lady because you don’t like her?” Haley asked again. “Hmm?” Natasha looked at Dustin with her arms crossed.

“I do! Of course, I do like her,” Dustin said with a nervous smile.

“Are kids these days all so mature?” he wondered.

“Well, if you like her, then why won’t you have a baby with her?” Haley asked.

“We’re not married yet. We’ll have a baby after we get married,” Dustin forced an answer.

“And when will you get married?” Haley seemed relentless.

Dustin was stumped.

“Can we please change the conversation, kiddo? I’m begging you!” Dustin silently pleaded in his



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