An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 830

Chapter 830

“You found him?” Dustin’s expression turned grim. “Who was it?!”

“An assassin from Shadowslayer. He’d laid low in the Hill family for many years. Today, when Sir Paul had his guard down, he drugged and killed him!” Felix reported.

“It was the Shadowslayer again?” Dustin frowned slightly. “Where’s the murderer? Were you able to track him down?”

“According to our investigation, he’s hiding in a house at the foot of Mount Shinefield,” Felix answered.

“Gather all the elite warriors in the gang and head to Mount Shinefield for a manhunt! We can’t let him get away!” Dustin ordered.

“Yes, sir!” Felix said. He turned around and left.

Twenty minutes later, Dustin led over a hundred elite members of the Kirin Gang. They charged their way up Mount Shinefield.

In order to not spook the target, they didn’t notify anyone else. This operation was kept under close wraps.

When they got to Mount Shinefield, the sky was almost completely dark.

Yesterday, Mount Shinefield was bustling with excitement because of the Knighthood Society tournament.

Yet, it seemed very deserted tonight.

Gazing at the horizon, the entire mountain was pitch black. It looked like a deep abyss, ready to swallow its victims.

Dim moonlight fell on the ground, casting blinking light.

“Dear, I think something’s not right here,” Natasha suddenly said after everyone got down from the car.

“What’s not right?” Dustin swept his gaze over the surroundings. He began to survey it carefully. “It’s too quiet.” Natasha shook her head. “A mountain should be teeming with animals, but if you listen closely, you can’t hear a single sound.”

Her intuition was telling her that something was amiss.

“Ms. Harmon, it’s already dark. The animals have to rest too, right? What’s strange about it?” Nelson said, unconcerned.

“Don’t you know that many animals are nocturnal?” Natasha frowned slightly.

“Really?” Nelson was dumbfounded. He never graduated middle school, so he really hadn’t known.

“Wait.” Suddenly, Dustin’s eyes widened.

He noticed a faint glimmer of light in the dark forest. It was so subtle that an ordinary person wouldn’t have noticed it.


However, he was certain that it was a reflection of a gun’s scope!

“Watch out!” Sensing something was amiss, he immediately pushed Natasha to the ground. As Dustin reacted, a spark flashed in the dark forest, followed closely by a gunshot.

One armor-piercing bullet after another suddenly shot out from the darkness. They narrowly missed Dustin’s body. It ended up hitting the car instead.

With a loud boom, there was another explosion.

The entire car was riddled with holes. The sheer impact was causing it to sway from side to side.

Nelson was momentarily stunned. He then let out a furious roar, “This is an ambush! Those f*ckers!”

As soon as he finished speaking, more gunshots were fired. Elite members of the Kirin Gang were shot dead one after another.

The human body was as delicate as a piece of paper in the face of the terrifying armor-piercing bullets. A light touch could rip right through them

If they were shot in the torso, at least they’d die instantly without suffering.

However, if they were hit in the arms or legs, their limbs would just break. Then, they’d die of blood loss after a long bout of agony.

In the span of a few seconds, over a dozen Kirin Gang members fell.

Wails and cries filled the air.

Not just that, after the gunshots were fired, two rows of cars suddenly switched on their headlights along both sides of the roads.

They were all black Jeeps that were growling like beasts. They began to surround them.

The people in the cars were firing bullets nonstop.

“Sir Rhys, we were tricked! This is a trap!”

Watching his brothers die one after another, Nelson flew into a rage.


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