An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 831

Chapter 831

Dustin made a quick decision. “Get in the car now! Get Ms. Harmon out of here safely!”

“What about you?” Natasha frowned.

“These people can’t hurt me. You leave first. I’ll be right behind you,” Dustin urged.

As he spoke, he shot silver needles into the forest and killed the snipers in hiding one after


But there were too many enemies surrounding them. The gunshots still hadn’t stopped; he couldn’t hold them back.

“Be careful!” Natasha nodded. Without wasting another breath, she got into the car.

She knew that if she stayed here, she would only distract Dustin.

“Nelson, take good care of Ms. Harmon,” Dustin reminded Nelson seriously over his shoulder.

“Rest assured, Sir Rhys. I won’t let them harm a single hair on Ms. Harmon’s head!” Nelson called on a few of his trusted subordinates and shouted, “You guys, get in the car and help me get out of this ambush!”

“Yes!” they answered.

They all got into their cars and escorted Nelson’s car out. Before the enemy could surround them, they sped out of there.

“Go after them!”

When they saw someone had fled, the Jeeps at the very front immediately turned around and went after them.

But a figure suddenly fell from the sky before the moving Jeep.

“Run him over!” the commander in the passenger’s seat shouted.

The driver stepped on the accelerator and headed straight for the figure.

“Hmph!” Dustin took a step forward. He pulled his fist back as if drawing an arrow.

Just as the Jeep hit him, he threw a punch.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise.

Dustin’s punch sent the Jeep flying dozens of feet away before exploding mid-air. The killers in the car died on the spot.

When it landed, the flaming Jeep landed on the two cars behind it.

With that, Dustin took out three cars.

After a short bout of panic, the Kirin Gang members also took out their guns and began to retaliate.

Both sides fired at each other, leading to a shootout.

However, the killers were even unyielding and were more highly trained. Thus, they crushed the Kirin Gang.

Thankfully, the Kirin Gang’s losses were not severe without the snipers’ precise shots.

“What?” Dustin frowned. He realized these killers were dressed casually, but their movements showed they went through military training.

The way they backed up and protected each other, and the way they advanced, were seamless.

If this continued, they could eliminate almost hundreds of elite members of the Kirin Gang within an hour.

“They really have a death wish!” Dustin narrowed his eyes. His gaze was murderous.

Right now, he wasn’t going to show mercy anymore. Like a phantom, he dashed into the enemy group and attacked them.

Blood splattered the floor, and screams filled the air as Dustin attacked.

“Stop him!”

Right then, a few figures ran out from the darkness and encircled Dustin.

Unlike regular killers, these individuals gave off a powerful aura. From their sharp gazes, they were all top-notch martial artists.

“Who are you? Why did you try to ambush us?” Dustin asked in a deep voice.

“You’ll be dead soon, so there’s no point in asking so much. Kill him!”

Without another word, they closed in on him. They were all using specially made extremely sharp daggers; they were made to kill.

“Hmph!” Dustin snorted. He began to move his feet, turning into a ghost-like figure that flashed past the killers around him.

In the next second, their bodies froze before falling to the ground. They were no longer breathing


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