An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 834

Chapter 834


Dustin paled as the situation sank in. He quickly took out his needles and tried to stop the bleeding.

But it was impossible, as Nelson had too many wounds.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Dustin began channeling his true energy into Nelson, desperate to keep him alive.

Finally, Nelson’s eyes cracked open tiredly.

“y—you’re back …” Nelson croaked. “I—is Ms. Harmon alright?”

“She’s safe.” Dustin forced a smile.

“That’s good…” The corner of Nelson’s mouth lifted.

“I kept my promise, Sir. I d-did what you told me to a-and protected Ms. Harmon…”

“That’s right. You did.” Dustin nodded frantically.

Although he kept channeling his true energy into Nelson, he could still feel Nelson’s life. slowly slipping away.

“Sir… I-I don’t think I can hang on anymore. I’d 1-like to ask for a favor…” Nelson’s breathing became labored.

“Don’t be silly! I’m a miracle doctor! I will save you!” Gritting his teeth, Dustin inserted a few needles into Nelson’s body.

Yet, things didn’t seem to be getting better.

“S-sir, please take care of my wife and daughter. I haven’t done many good acts in my life.

“I can only boast about having an amazing wife and daughter. I just can’t help but worry about. them, s-so please protect them.” Nelson’s voice was growing fainter.

“You can tell them after you recover, so hang on!” Sweat beaded on Dustin’s forehead as he released all his true energy.

Suddenly, he threw up a mouthful of black blood. The Septemortis was finally taking effect!

“D-don’t waste any more energy, Sir. I can’t hold on anymore. P-please, promise me you’ll take care of them!”

Suddenly, Nelson reached out and fisted Dustin’s sleeve tightly. The light was beginning to fade from his eyes.

“I will. I promise I’ll treat Haley like she’s my own!” Dustin nodded gravely.

“T-thank you, Sir…” Nelson smiled.

Shakily, he pulled a doll from his shirt and passed it to Dustin. “I-it’s Haley’s birthday tomorrow. This is the p-present I prepared for her. P-please pass it to her a-and tell her that her father w-was a… hero…”

With that, Nelson’s eyes closed shut, and his arm fell to the floor limply as he drew his last


Dustin roared and slammed his fist onto the floor, creating a dent. He never imagined that he’d watch his friend die right before his eyes.

Despite his strong medical skills, he could do nothing to save Nelson.

Dustin hated how useless he was. He couldn’t even save his friend!

This made his skills seem like nothing but a joke.

“Nelson? Nelson!” A familiar voice cried out at the door.

Dustin turned around to see a pregnant woman and a little girl rushing toward him hand-in- hand.

It was Nelson’s wife and daughter!


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