An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 835

Chapter 835 

Before going on his mission, Nelson had texted his wife. However, Cecilia became worried when he didn’t pick up the phone, so she rushed over with their daughter

The sight of blood at the door only made her even more uneasy

Nelson? Where are you?Cecilia cried out worriedly

All Kirin Gang members remained silent, their heads lowered. The entire manor was quiet


When Cecilia finally arrived at the meeting room, she was stunned

Was that bloody corpse on the floor, her husband

She stumbled forward in disbelief. Reality sank in when she saw the man’s face, and she threw herself over the body and began to weep

Wake up, Nelson! Wake up! Please open your eyes! Oh, why did this happen?Tears streamed down Cecilia’s face

Haley was crying as well. She ran over to Nelson and kept pushing his body

Daddy, wake up! Weren’t we going to celebrate my birthday? You promised me you would bring me to the theme park

Wake up! Yyou broke your promise. Bad daddy! III don’t like you anymore!Haley sobbed

What’s wrong, Daddy? Did I make you angry? I promise to be a good girl from now on, so please wake up ” 

Dustin teared up as he watched Cecilia and Haley bawl their eyes out, his chest aching for them

Full of remorse, he went onto his knees before them. I’m sorry, Cecilia I couldn’t keep him safe.” 

You’re a bad man!Haley ran up to him and began pounding on his chest with her little fists

You promised you would take good care of Daddy! You lied to me! I hate you! Give the transformer back to me

I don’t like you anymore. I’m not going to let you be Mister Strong anymore. You’re a bad man!Haley wailed inconsolably

I’m so sorry, Haley. It’s my fault. I wasn’t able to protect your daddy. It’s all my fault Dustin gathered Haley into his arms as tears flowed down his cheeks

He had no idea how to explain things or console her, so he could only apologize

That day, the manor fell into a sorrowful silence

After some time, Cecilia and Haley were worn out from all the crying. Then Dustin knocked them out by stabbing them behind the necks with his needles

Please look after her.Dustin lifted Haley and placed the little girl into Natasha’s arms

I will.Natasha nodded. Her eyes were bloodshot and brimmed with tears

She owed Nelson her life. So, from now on, she’d treat Haley like her own

Who did this?Dustin slowly raised his head, his expression oddly calm

However, he couldn’t mask the murderous glint in his eyes. He was like a demon who had finally been woken up

It was Felix! He’s leading a rebellion with the Charging Tiger gang!One of the Kirin Gang disciples answered

Felix?Dustin took a deep breath before spitting. Find him. I want to tear him apart!” 


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