An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 836

Chapter 836 

Felix was lying on the sofa with a cigarette in his mouth in a lavish mansion in Eastville

He had one of his legs propped up on a coffee table with a bloody hand firmly attached to it

Two of his men crouched beside the table as they carefully tried to pry the hand off. Because of how firm Nelson’s grip was, his nails had already dug into Felix’s skin

Damn it, be careful!Felix hissed with a frown, kicking one of the men to the floor

Give us a second. We’re almost done.His subordinate smiled apologetically

Finally, they managed to get Nelson’s hand off

What the f*ck is wrong with that asshole? He just wouldn’t let go! Why did he have to go so far for that bastard?Felix cursed

He had been waiting for his chance since the Kirin Gang was established

Although he had finally become a guildmaster and lived a much better life than before, he refused to obey someone else’s command

He had always been greedy, so he kept his eyes glued to the leader’s position. All he needed now was for Dustin to die

Then, with that person’s help, he’d take over the Kirin Gang

Ssir, there’s news!One of his men rushed over

What is it? Is Dustin dead yet?Felix stood up excitedly

Our ambush failed. He’s still alive.His subordinate shook his head, looking grave

He’s still alive?Felix frowned

We had over a hundred men and guns pointed at him, but we couldn’t even kill him? What kind of monster is he?” 

What do we do now, Sir? I’m sure he’ll start seeking revenge soon.The subordinate was worried

F*ck, this place isn’t safe anymore! Let’s leave!Realizing how much danger he was in, Felix immediately instructed his men to pack up their things

What’s wrong, honey? Why are you so worked up?Just then, a curvacious woman leisurely came down the stairs

Enough with the questions. Pack your bags. We’re going somewhere else to hide,Felix urged

Why should we leave this nice place? I have an appointment at the saloon later.the woman purred

Shut the hell up and do as you’re told!Felix roared 

Call Chad and tell him to head to the safe house!” 

Oh, okay. The woman lowered her head and strolled back upstairs. It took half an hour for her to reappear with two huge suitcases

Chucks $75 

What the f*ck took you so long? Hurry up!Felix was irritated

What’s the rush? I needed to make myself look good.the woman protested

Gosh, you’re so annoying. Get into the damn car!Felix snapped

Felix flung his cigarette to the floor, leading several men toward the garage. However, dozens of Charging Tiger Guild disciples stopped them when they arrived

Where are you going at this hour, Sir Miller?The leader of the bunch smirked

Why should I tell you? Get out of my way!Felix was annoyed

However, none budged, their intense gazes glued to him

Are you guys defying me?Felix’s face darkened when he realized that something was wrong

Sir Rhys told us he’d forgive all our crimes if we take you down. He even promised us a hefty reward. Sorry.The rugged leader took out his sword

How dare you f*cking betray me?Felix seethed angrily

Oh, don’t be like that. We learned it from you,the other man pointed out

You assholes! How could you betray Sir Felix when he’s treated you so well?One of Felix’s loyal men shouted

He’s treated us so well? Pfft!The rugged man sneered

We risk our lives for him and end up hospitalized all the time, yet we have to pay the hospital bills with our money. Our brothers who died don’t even receive proper settlements. Is that how he treats us well?” 

They’d been forced to swallow their dissatisfaction due to Felix’s power. But now that the man had lost all of his power, it was time for payback

You guys just want money, don’t you? How much is Dustin paying you guys? I’ll pay double!Felix roared


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