An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 846

Chapter 846

“Oh, so you’re apologizing now? Why didn’t you think of the consequences before hurting others?” Dustin’s murderous intent didn’t lessen despite how much Gavin begged.

“I-I got careless! I’m so sorry! Please let me go! I swear, I’ll turn over a new leaf!” Gavin begged timidly.

He had lost all his pride, and all he cared about was staying alive.

“What makes you think you still have a chance to turn over a new leaf?” Dustin asked harshly.

“I-I-I’ve got money. And connections! I’ll do anything you want if you let me live!” Gavin tried to bargain with Dustin.

“I don’t need anything besides your death,” Dustin answered uncaringly.

“D-Don’t kill me! Please spare my life! I’ll be very useful! I can help you obtain your goals. and live a lavish life!” Gavin begged frantically, all trace of his

arrogance earlier gone.

“That doesn’t interest me.” Dustin swung his sword again, leaving a long, ragged gash on Gavin’s back.

Dustin wasn’t in a hurry to kill the other man. Instead, he wanted Gavin to feel as much pain. and fear as possible.

So, no matter how hard Gavin begged, Dustin ignored the other man’s pleas and continued slowly carving more wounds on Gavin. Soon, Gavin’s torn body was a bloody mess.

Still, despite his severe wounds, Dustin ensured not to inflict fatal blows to prolong Gavin’s


Dustin even treated the other man to stop the bleeding. As a result, Gavin was still alive after suffering hundreds of blows.

Just then, beams of light shone on them as a fleet of cars approached them.

“Stop!” A loud voice boomed before the cars even reached them.

A plump man in military uniform and soldiers jumped off their cars and approached the Kirin Gang members with their weapons drawn.

“Save me, General Lester!” Gavin cried out happily when he saw the new arrivals.

“General Killian?” Derek was taken aback.

Then he erupted in anger. “How dare you beat General Killian up! You better lower your weapons and surrender!”

“And who are you?” Dustin turned his head and demanded.

“I’m General Derek Lester! I was given orders to save General Killian. You better surrender now. Anyone who tries to resist will be killed immediately!” Derek yelled.

He rushed over the second he received Charles’ orders. Fortunately, he was just in time.

Gavin burst out laughing maniacly. It was as if he completely forgot about his pain. “Do you hear that? Let me go, or you’re all dead meat!”

He was overjoyed that his backup had finally arrived. And although he was severely injured, he

was still alive.

“Did you think they would be enough to save you?” Dustin asked calmly.

“As if you’d have the balls to kill me before them. Just look around you.

“You’re surrounded by soldiers! Try anything funny, and you’ll turn into a pincushion!” Gavin retorted giddily.

“This is the end of you. You better start begging for forgiveness. Maybe I’ll spare your life!”

So what if Dustin was good at fighting and had many men? He was still nothing but rubbish compared to the Killian family’s power.

“I’m going to count to three. You better lower your weapons, or we’ll shoot!” Derek signaled for his soldiers to raise their guns.

Instantly, a row of gun barrels was aimed at Dustin.


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