An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 848

Chapter 848

“Stop struggling! There’s nowhere for you to run! There’s still a chance you will live if surrender now!” Derek snorted.

The Killian family was influential in Oakvale, and it was suicidal to provoke them.

“Shut up!” Cornelius slapped Derek’s cheek, causing one of his teeth to fall out.

Derek had no choice but to bite the rest of his words back.


The helicopters flew lower. Their doors opened, and Charles and 36 death warriors hopped off.

Although Charles didn’t bring too many men with him, the soldiers he had were the best of the best. They would give up their lives for him if he commanded them to.

“You’re finally here, Mr. Killian! Save me! You have to arrest these arrogant bastards and punish all of them!” Derek shouted as soon as he saw Charles.

The Killian family’s death warriors were well known for being incredible warriors, so they could get rid of them easily.

“Why are you being held hostage, General Lester? What about my son?” Charles frowned, a bad feeling coming over him.

“Well…” Derek didn’t know what to say.

It was embarrassing for him to explain what happened. When he, who came to help Gavin, was held hostage instead.

“Stop wasting time and spit it!” Charles yelled.

“Shut up. He’s dead.” Dustin snapped.

He kicked Gavin’s severed head toward Charles like a ball, which landed right before Charles’ feet.


Charles looked down and stared directly into Gavin’s lifeless eyes. The older man stiffened,


“H-he’s dead?” Charles gaped at his son’s head. He couldn’t believe that his son, who had a bright future ahead of him, had just died.

How was this possible?

“Who did this?” Charles roared murderously.

“I did.” Dustin stepped forward.


“Why? Why did you kill my son?” Charles hissed with bloodshot eyes.

“He killed my friend, so I made him pay with his life,” Dustin replied.

“Y-you motherf*cker! How dare you kill my son! I’ll destroy your entire family!”

Charles was enraged and roared, “Men, kill every single one of them!”

“Yes, sir!”

Charles’ death warriors immediately drew their swords, and the tension in the air rose.

“Sir, I’m still being held hostage. Don’t be reckless!” Derek began to panic.

“You’re nothing but a piece of trash! You couldn’t even save my son, so why should I save you? “Charles was furious.

“I did my best, sir! You can’t turn your back on me after using me like that!” Derek wailed.


worry. I’ll

avenge you later. Kill them!” Charles signaled to his men, completely disregarding Derek.

“Fuck this shit! Since you don’t give a f*ck about me, let’s all die today!” Derek snarled. ” Soldiers, listen up! Kill anyone who tries to attack!”

“Yes, sir!” Derek’s soldiers immediately turned and aimed their guns at the Killians.


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