An Understated Dominance Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Alchemy Process

It was only when the Old Drunkard saw Dustin’s smirking face that he finally realized what was happening. He grumbled irritably, “You little brat! Do you have nothing better to do? Go prank someone else!”

With that said, he flopped back onto the recliner, preparing to take a nap.

“Enough of that; we have business to attend to,” Dustin said.

He took out two wooden boxes and placed them on the table. Inside were the Millennium Green Lotus (Heliotrope)and the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom (Cherusia). Dustin explained, “We had a good harvest in Millsburg, and we’ve gathered the last two premium spiritual herbs. Now we can start refining the Life-Prolonging Pill (Longevitium).”

“Oh? So soon?” The Old Drunkard (Gregory) sat up lazily. “I thought I wouldn’t live for many more days, but it seems you’ve managed to collect all the spiritual herbs. You’re incredibly lucky!”

“Enough chit-chat; bring out the spiritual herbs you’ve collected before,” Dustin urged.

“Fine, fine, give me a moment to find them,” the Old Drunkard replied lazily. He then began rummaging through various drawers and cabinets, taking quite a while before he finally gathered all the collected herbs.

“Maximus, guard the door and don’t let anyone in,” Dustin instructed.

“Yes!” Maximus responded and sat down by the door, holding his sword with a vigilant gaze, scanning his surroundings.

“Caitlin, go collect some medicinal herbs for me.”

Dustin handed Caitlin a prescription and asked her to fetch the required herbs.

Although Peaceful Medical Clinic was peaceful, they had limited access to medicinal herbs, and Caitlin needed to go to the city to obtain them.

“Of course!”

Caitlin nodded obediently and quickly left.

After a while, she returned with various medicinal herbs, panting slightly.

“Starting from now, I’ll be going into seclusion. I can’t predict how long it will take, so no one should disturb me until I come out,” Dustin instructed.

With that said, he entered the laboratory.

Inside, he didn’t rush into alchemy immediately. Instead, he took out an ancient book and began studying it carefully.

The Life-Prolonging Pill (Longevitium), also known as the Nine-Cycle Life-Prolonging Golden Pill, was said to have the effects of rejuvenation and resurrection. It was the only medicine that could counteract the Five Signs of Aging in a person’s life.

However, despite more than a hundred years of searching, no one had ever successfully refined it. This was due to the rarity of the required spiritual herbs and the immense difficulty in the alchemical process.

Despite Dustin’s superb alchemical skills, he was still not entirely confident.

To avoid any mishaps, he meticulously studied the alchemical process over and over again, ensuring that every detail was correct.

Once he was certain, Dustin sat in meditation for the time it took for an incense stick to burn.

Only when he felt that his mental and physical condition had returned to its peak did he start the process of alchemy.

Although it was his first attempt, Dustin’s movements were smooth and unwavering, without any pauses. He had mentally rehearsed this process thousands of times.

The flames in the furnace roared, and the fragrance of herbs filled the air.

Dustin systematically added various herbs to the cauldron while simultaneously controlling the intensity of the fire with his true internal energy.

Alchemy was a delicate art where even the smallest detail could determine success or failure. The age of the herbs, the technique used, the quality of the cauldron, the temperature inside the furnace, the order of adding herbs, and even the mysterious element of luck all played roles in the final result.

Dustin couldn’t afford to make any mistakes, as a single error could lead to failure.

Now, as the cauldron reached its critical moment, Dustin could feel sweat forming on his forehead, and his true internal energy was rapidly depleting.

Inside the cauldron, the mixture began to boil, and the lid on top started to vibrate.

A unique fragrance slowly emanated from it.

“This is the crucial moment!”

Dustin took a deep breath, and his palms pushed forward.

His true internal energy surged like a torrent, rushing into the furnace.

The flames under the cauldron surged into the sky, reaching their peak at this critical juncture.

Just as Dustin focused all his attention, there was a sudden “boom,” and the cauldron exploded.


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