An Understated Dominance Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092: Failure or success?


Dustin’s expression changed as he looked at the shattered cauldron. He suddenly became nervous. It had been so close, just a tiny bit away from success. Why did it explode all of a sudden? Could it be that all his hard work was in vain?

“No… It can’t be!” Dustin shook his head, his face drenched in sweat. He couldn’t accept failure, nor could he accept the current situation.

He began searching frantically amidst the wreckage of the cauldron, leaving no trace or piece of medicine residue unexamined. He was like a starving wolf foraging in the wilderness, fierce and desperate.

As he sifted through the debris, Dustin suddenly froze. At the very bottom of the medicine residue, a glint of gold appeared. This golden glint, compared to the surrounding debris, was like a beacon of light in the darkness, exceptionally bright.

After a brief moment of shock, Dustin carefully extended his hand, gingerly pushing aside the debris around the golden glint.

Bit by bit, inch by inch, with tension and anxiety, he slowly cleared away all the debris.

In the end, a complete golden pill was revealed, clear and smooth, shining like pure gold, dazzling and radiant. Accompanied by a refreshing medicinal fragrance.

“It… it’s done?” Dustin stared wide-eyed, both surprised and overjoyed. “Hahaha… it’s done! I’ve succeeded!”

He burst into laughter, filled with excitement. The explosion of the cauldron a moment ago had almost made him despair, but at the last moment, the Life-Prolonging Pill (Longevitium) had formed.

All his hard work in gathering so many premium spiritual herbs had not been in vain.

“Old Drunkard!”

Dustin kicked open the door of the pharmacy, cradling the Life-Prolonging Pill in his hands, and walked out excitedly. “Take a look at this!”

Hearing the commotion, the Old Drunkard, who had been clutching his wine bottle and taking swigs, turned around and was instantly dumbfounded. “Holy crap! You actually did it? I thought it was just a bluff!”

Although the ancient records mentioned the Life-Prolonging Pill’s ability to counteract the Five Signs of Aging, it was merely a legend. Who knew if it was real or not? Could it actually be achieved?

At first, he hadn’t held much hope.

Now, looking at the extraordinary appearance of the golden pill in front of him, he became instantly excited.

“With this Life-Prolonging Pill, you should be able to counteract your Five Signs of Aging. Give it a try,” Dustin handed the golden pill to him.

“Don’t be in a rush. At a historic moment like this, we must have some good wine.”

The Old Drunkard rubbed his hands together and then ran to the backyard of the clinic. He picked up a hoe and started digging in a corner.

After digging for quite a while, he finally unearthed three sealed jars of wine. These were the precious bottles of Daughter Red wine that the Old Drunkard had been hoarding for years. Normally, he wouldn’t even think of drinking them, but now, it was time to let these fine wines see the light of day.

“My treasures, you’ve waited a long time, haven’t you? Hehehe…”

The Old Drunkard grinned and, in high spirits, picked up one of the wine jars and returned to the main hall.

As he opened the jar, a rich wine fragrance immediately filled the air, with a scent that was intoxicating and delightful.

“Come, come, come! Today, I’m in a good mood. Let’s all have a drink!”

The Old Drunkard said while taking out three thumb-sized miniature wine cups.

Then, he took out a wine ladle and carefully poured a little wine into each of the three cups, making sure not to spill a drop.


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