An Understated Dominance Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095: The Confrontation

“Dragonmarsh’s doctors are truly inadequate. After all the fuss, they couldn’t do anything, and we have to rely on Dr Tanaka to step in,” Vivian exclaimed.

“You’re absolutely right! They’re all a bunch of useless individuals, not even a match for a single finger of Dr Tanaka,” many of Murray’s family members flattered.

All the experts and professors from the Dragonmarsh had been helpless, while Dr Tanaka immediately diagnosed the condition with just a glance. This disparity was evident to everyone.

“Dr Tanaka, since you know how to treat it, please save him as soon as possible,” Lily urged anxiously.

“Bring me my medicine.”

Dr Tanaka beckoned his assistants, and they placed a medicine chest in front of him.

He opened the chest, rummaging through it until he retrieved a black medicine bottle.

“This medicine is called ‘Golden Jade Soup,’ made from a hundred and eight precious medicinal herbs, specifically designed to unblock meridians and smooth the flow of Internal energy and blood. It has excellent effects! After a patient takes this medicine, they will safely wake up within three minutes, and all will be well. However, it is a bit expensive.”

“How much?” Lily asked hesitantly.

“Three billion,” Dr Tanaka stated nonchalantly.

“Three billion?”

Hearing this, the doctors from the Dragonmarsh were left dumbfounded.

Why not just rob a bank?

A medicine worth three billion? That was an outrageous price.

“No problem! As long as it can save my husband, I’m willing to pay!” Lily didn’t hesitate.

Although three billion wasn’t a small sum, she could afford it. Compared to her husband’s life, money was inconsequential.

“Alright, since the lady is so generous, I will start now.”

Dr Tanaka smiled faintly and then helped Mr. Murray sit up. He opened the medicine bottle and was about to feed it to him.

“This medicine has to be ingested; Mr. Murray won’t survive for more than three days!”

Suddenly, a cold voice echoed at the door.


Everyone turned to look, and they saw a disheveled figure entering the room: it was none other than Dustin.

After receiving a call from Shiela, Dustin had rushed back to Millsburg immediately. He had brought along the Old Drunkard and the others from the Peaceful Medical Clinic, arranging them to stay at Zypher Lodge temporarily.

“Dustin, you’re here!” Shiela’s eyes lit up as she quickly went to greet him.

“It’s a good thing you came in time; otherwise, it could have turned into a disaster.”

Dustin cast a sharp glance at Dr Tanaka and questioned him, “You’re from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, right? You’re willing to compromise people’s lives for the sake of profit. Do you even deserve to be called a doctor?”

“Outrageous!” Garrett Murray scolded angrily. “Who do you think you are to speak to Dr Tanaka like this?”

“That’s right! Dr Tanaka is a renowned miracle doctor from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix. His medical skills are extraordinary. Who are you to criticize him?” Vivian wore an unpleased expression.

“Hmph! Do you even know who I am?” Dustin responded coldly. “You’re just a swindler! Dr Tanaka, you’re selling a cheap medicine called ‘Golden Jade Soup’ for a sky-high price. The medicinal herbs used in it are only worth a few hundred dollars. You’re boldly asking for three billion. Most importantly, your medicine cannot cure the disease; it will only provide a short-lived improvement. Once taken, the patient will undoubtedly die!”

With these words, Dr Tanaka’s complexion immediately changed.


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