An Understated Dominance Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096: A Battle of Words

“You… You’re spouting nonsense!” Dr Tanaka tried to maintain a calm facade but appeared somewhat flustered after being exposed.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, the “Golden Jade Soup” was indeed a low-cost product, with ingredients worth only a few hundred dollars. However, given his fame and medical expertise, he could sell it for a thousand times its value.

“Nonsense? How about you dare to examine the medicine with me?” Dustin continued to press, “If I’m not mistaken, your ‘Golden Jade Soup’ should also contain components similar to stimulants. While it provides immediate relief, it overdrafts the patient’s life. You are nothing but a person who values money over lives – a scoundrel!”

“Outrageous! I am a medical king from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, and you dare to defame me? I command you to apologize to me immediately!” Dr Tanaka was furious.

“Apologize? Are you even worthy of it?” Dustin sneered.

“Do not apologize? Fine! Then I won’t treat him anymore, and you can handle it yourselves!” Dr Tanaka became infuriated and prepared to leave with his medicine box.

“Dr Tanaka!”

Seeing this, Garrett Murray quickly stopped him, wearing a placating smile. “Please don’t be angry. This person is simply insane and knows nothing. Please don’t lower yourself to his level. Saving lives is what truly matters.”

“Yes, Dr Tanaka! Human lives are at stake, and only you can treat this illness!” Everyone chimed in with their persuasions.

“Dustin! You’d better shut up! If you dare to disrespect Dr Tanaka again, I will immediately kick you out!” Garrett Murray shouted angrily.

“You! Who gave you the audacity to speak disrespectfully to Dr Tanaka? Apologize to him immediately!” Vivian demanded.

“That’s right! Apologize immediately!” echoed Chase.

At this moment, almost everyone in the room directed angry glares at Dustin, thoroughly displeased.

From the moment he entered, Dustin had questioned and accused everyone, nearly forcing Dr Tanaka to leave. This infuriated them greatly.

“Everything I said is true. Why should I apologize?” Dustin remained indifferent. “This doctor is only concerned about money. He cannot cure the illness. Let him go. I will personally treat the patient.”

“You? Who do you think you are?” Garrett Murray retorted with an icy expression. “You are nothing but a nobody! Dr Tanaka, you shouldn’t even engage with him.”

“Hmph! Dragonmarsh’s doctors are nothing more than a bunch of useless people!” Vivian added, “They can handle common colds and fevers, but when it comes to complicated cases, only a miracle doctor like Dr Tanaka from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix can manage it seamlessly.”

“It’s common knowledge that medical techniques in the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix surpass those in the Dragonmarsh by far. They’re not even in the same league. With your limited medical skills, you’re not even qualified to shine Dr Tanaka’s shoes!” Chase followed suit in belittling Dustin.

“You people have been kneeling for so long that you can’t stand up anymore, can you?” Dustin scanned the room with a cold gaze. “Let me educate you. Medical knowledge in the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Dragonmarsh. They’ve learned from us, and they’ve only scratched the surface. When it comes to top-tier medical talents, ten Golden Phoenix wouldn’t be enough. You’re shortsighted. It’s okay to admire others, but please don’t insult the doctors of the Dragonmarsh with your ignorance.”

With these words, some of the Dragonmarsh’s doctors in the room were filled with renewed vigor. They couldn’t help but feel pleased after being scolded for being incompetent.


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