An Understated Dominance Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099: The Unexpected Turn

The room fell into an eerie silence as the several experts and professors in the room felt increasingly uneasy after the sarcastic comments about their medical abilities. While they might not be on par with Dr Tanaka, they were elite talents, and being belittled by their own countrymen was hard to stomach. However, they were all in the presence of high-ranking officials and couldn’t afford to offend anyone, so they kept their heads down, pretending not to hear.

“Dr Tanaka, when will my husband wake up?” Lily cautiously asked, trying to gauge the situation. Although his vital signs had returned to normal, her husband remained unconscious, and she couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Don’t worry, as soon as I remove the silver needles, your husband will naturally wake up,” Dr Tanaka replied confidently.

With that assurance, he swiftly removed all the silver needles from Mr. Murray’s body. As the needles were pulled out, Mr. Murray’s body trembled momentarily. After a few seconds, his eyes suddenly opened, a hint of bloodshot flashing through them.

“He’s awake! He’s finally awake!”

Everyone in the room was overjoyed at the sight.

“It must be Dr Tanaka! He said he’d wake up, and he did. Truly admirable!” Garrett Murray praised.

“A divine physician indeed! He’s a hundred times better than the half-baked doctors in Dragonmarsh. Incredible!” Vivian and the others chimed in with compliments.

“Thank you, Dr Tanaka. You’re our family’s savior from now on!” Lily expressed her gratitude.

“I specialize in treating various difficult and miscellaneous illnesses. This illness is a piece of cake for me,” Dr Tanaka said with an air of arrogance.

As he spoke, he took a wet towel handed to him by his assistant and began wiping his hands meticulously.

However, nobody noticed that on the hospital bed, Mr. Murray’s eyes were rapidly turning bloodshot, and his entire face contorted.


Suddenly, Mr. Murray let out a roar and sprang up from the bed.

At this moment, his face was twisted in a gruesome and terrifying expression, veins bulging on his forehead, and he looked like a man possessed.

A strand of black blood slowly oozed from his mouth and nose.


This sudden turn of events startled everyone.

“Dr Tanaka, what’s going on? My husband was just fine a moment ago!” Lily was getting nervous.

“Could it be some kind of aftereffect?”

The people in the room exchanged worried glances, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Don’t panic; these are normal reactions. He’ll be fine in a moment.”

Dr Tanaka pretended to remain calm, but deep down, he was puzzled. Could it be that the medication was too potent, causing the patient to go mad?

“Dr Tanaka, what should we do now? My husband seems to be acting strangely,” Lily’s anxiety grew.

“It’s a minor issue; there’s no need to make a fuss. Watch as I perform a miracle.”

Dr Tanaka’s self-confidence remained unwavering as he produced a silver needle and aimed it at Mr. Murray’s forehead.


Suddenly, Mr. Murray let out a furious roar, moved with lightning speed, and grabbed Dr Tanaka’s neck, slamming him forcefully against the wall.

His eyes were filled with madness.

“Wait! Let’s talk it out…”

Dr Tanaka’s breath tightened, and he panicked, about to plead for mercy.

But before he could speak, Mr. Murray exerted even more force and snapped his neck.


Dr Tanaka’s head tilted to the side, lifeless.

He died without being able to utter a word.


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