An Understated Dominance Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Unforeseen Chaos

“Dead… he’s dead?!”

Everyone stood in shock as they witnessed the sudden demise of Dr Tanaka.

Their eyes widened, filled with horror.

No one had anticipated that Mr. Murray would suddenly go berserk, without any warning, and directly kill Dr Tanaka.

One blow, one life taken!

How could this happen?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a minor issue?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a normal occurrence?

Wasn’t it said that a needle could determine the outcome?

What in the world is going on??


Mr. Murray roared, grabbed Dr Tanaka’s lifeless body, and violently flung it.


Dr Tanaka crashed heavily into the wall, creating a dent, then slid down like a puddle of mud.

“Dr Tanaka!”

Everyone snapped out of their stupor, filled with panic.

Especially Vivian and Chase, their faces were overwhelmed with grief, feeling as if they had lost their parents.

“Quick! Someone restrain uncle!”

Garrett Murray quickly reacted and ordered his men to encircle Mr. Murray, intending to capture him alive.

However, the frenzied Mr. Murray was not recognizing any family ties; he was extremely aggressive.

Moreover, his strength was astonishing, unstoppable.

Anyone who got close to him was sent flying, without a chance to fight back.

“Caden! Don’t hurt anyone!”

“Dad! Please, snap out of it. We’re all your family!”

Lily and Shiela kept shouting, trying to awaken Mr. Murray.

However, their voices had no effect and only drew Mr. Murray’s attention.

“Die! You all must die!”

Mr. Murray roared and lunged directly at Shiela.

His claws were like knives, surrounded by a terrifying aura that could cut through steel.

Touching it meant instant death for an ordinary person.

“Caden, no!”

Lily’s face turned pale, and she rushed toward Shiela, attempting to shield her daughter from this deadly strike.

As it seemed like a life-or-death situation was about to unfold, a silver needle suddenly shot out.


The silver needle shot in from outside the door like lightning and struck Mr. Murray’s neck.

Mr. Murray’s entire body stiffened, frozen in place.

His fingers, capable of splitting stones and cracking boulders, came to a halt just three centimeters from Shiela’s throat.

No inch further.

Shiela was left stunned, standing in place, unable to react for a moment.

Meanwhile, Mr. Murray, with a ferocious expression and bloodshot eyes, was gasping heavily.

Although immobilized by the silver needle, he continued to struggle wildly, causing his entire body to tremble.


Lily reacted swiftly, pulling her daughter into her arms, trying to keep her as far away from Mr. Murray as possible.

“As expected.”

At the doorway of the ward, Dustin, holding a cup of coffee, walked in slowly.

He hadn’t left directly because he was concerned that Dr Tanaka’s actions might backfire, leading to Mr. Murray going completely berserk and losing control.

By that time, everyone in the ward would be in grave danger.

“Dustin, you’re back!”

Shiela’s face lit up with joy, as if she had seen a savior.


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