An Understated Dominance Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101: A Difficult Decision

Dustin warned, “I’m afraid you’ll be in danger if I don’t come back.”

He flicked his fingers, and another silver needle shot out.

Caden, who had been struggling just moments ago, was now completely immobilized.

Lily pleaded, “Hey there, young fellow, you’re skilled in medicine, right? Could you please help my husband?”

Dustin replied with a hint of regret, “I’m sorry, but my medical skills are limited. I can’t compare to Mr. Tanaka. You should seek his assistance.”

“Mr. Tanaka?” Lily glanced at the lifeless body in the corner, feeling somewhat embarrassed. If Mr. Tanaka could really cure her husband, he wouldn’t have lost his life.

Lily apologized sincerely, “Young man, I apologize for my earlier behavior. I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

She knew Dustin had abilities, but compared to Mr. Tanaka, he lacked some reputation. At first, she had made an unreasonable decision.

Now that Mr. Tanaka was deceased, Dustin was their only hope.

Shiela looked pitiful and pleaded, “Dustin, my dad has lost his sanity. Please, save him.”

Dustin nodded slightly. “I’ll help one more time for your sake.”

He owed a favor to General Murray and couldn’t stand by idly.

“Thank you, Dustin!” Shiela was overjoyed.

Garrett couldn’t hold back and tried to sow discord, “Aunt, do you really want Dustin to treat him? Even Mr. Tanaka couldn’t help. What makes you think he can?”

Vivian expressed her distrust, “You’re right! If we let this guy treat him, who knows what might happen?”

Chase added fuel to the fire, “I’m worried that if this guy causes any harm to Uncle Caden, who will be responsible?”

Lily shook her head and said, “At this point, we have no other choice. His life is at stake.”

Garrett emphasized, “Aunt, we should prioritize safety. Letting Uncle risk his life is not the right move.”

Vivian earnestly advised, “Yeah, Aunt Lily, even the renowned doctor from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix couldn’t do anything. What can these mediocre doctors from the Dragonmarsh accomplish? Don’t be fooled!”

Lily sighed and said, “After saying so much, do any of you have a better idea?”

With that question, everyone fell silent, realizing they had no better alternatives.

Lily’s frustration showed as she declared, “Since none of you have a solution, please be quiet and don’t disturb Dustin while he treats the patient.”

Dustin asked, “Before I begin, I need everyone unrelated to the treatment to leave. It could affect my concentration.”

He glanced at Vivian and the others. “Stop staring around; yes, it’s all of you. Please leave.”

Vivian was taken aback and grew furious, asking, “What? You want us to leave? Who do you think you are to boss us around? You’re just a nobody!”

Lily supported Dustin’s request with a cold face, saying, “Dustin’s request is my request. Do you have any objections?”

Vivian froze, feeling at a loss. She hadn’t expected this turn of events. The situation had taken an unexpected twist.

Garrett huffed and finally turned to leave, giving Lily some face.


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