An Understated Dominance Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104: Doubts and Opposition

“That’s not the deal, folks!” Shiela shook her head, trying to clear the misunderstanding. “Believe me, Dustin is no bad guy. Don’t jump to conclusions!”

But her family and friends didn’t buy it. Caden, her dad, insisted, “You’re too young to see through people. Some hide their true selves well. Only folks like me, with a keen eye, can spot their hidden agendas.”

Agreeing with him, others chimed in, warning her, “Don’t be fooled by him, Shiela. Dustin clearly has ulterior motives.”

However, Shiela remained firm, “I don’t believe it! Dustin would never harm anyone!”

Despite her protests, her loved ones continued to doubt Dustin’s intentions, which distressed her to the point of tears. She turned to Lily, her mom, for support, “Mom, you saw everything, right? You can vouch for Dustin, can’t you?”

Lily tried to mediate, “Could there be some misunderstanding?”

But Caden dismissed her with impatience, “What? Do you think I’m wrong or don’t believe me?”

Lily chose to remain silent. She couldn’t afford to upset her husband over Dustin, even if she thought he was hasty.

Seeing her daughter’s distress, she offered some advice, “Shiela, love can be blinding. Some people are not what they seem. It’s crucial to listen to your family and friends.”

Frustrated, Shiela said, “You’re all wrong! I won’t listen to this nonsense!”

Torn between her loved ones and her feelings for Dustin, she felt overwhelmed and rushed out of the room.

After she left, Lily considered chasing after her, but Caden stopped her, “Let her cool down on her own. She needs to learn to grow up and not be so stubborn.”

Lily sighed, “I hope she’ll come to understand eventually.”

In her eyes, love could lead to trouble, and she’d seen too many people get hurt chasing after it recklessly.


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