An Understated Dominance Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106: Dustin’s Standoff

Inside the abandoned steel factory, Shiela hung there, bound tightly and blindfolded, unconscious after being struck.

Meanwhile, Tatsuharu Nakamura, dressed in fancy attire, savored wine and relished a top-notch steak, displaying an aristocratic aura as he enjoyed his meal.

A burly warrior in red approached and informed Sir Nakamura, “Master, time’s ticking, and the target hasn’t shown up. Looks like they’re too scared.”

Tatsuharu Nakamura didn’t rush, saying, “Let’s wait a bit longer. Dustin has a strong connection with Shiela, and I believe he’ll come to her rescue.”

One of the warriors suggested, “What if Dustin is reluctant to give up the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom. Should we storm Zypher Lodge and take it by force?”

Tatsuharu Nakamura’s face darkened. “That would be foolish. Zypher Lodge hides numerous skilled experts. Even if we succeed, we’d suffer heavy losses. Dragonmarsh warriors’ lives can’t be compared to our noble warriors of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix. Their lives are expendable.”

“But, Master, Dragonmarsh warriors are weaklings. You’re giving them too much credit,” the warrior argued, his disdain clear.

Tatsuharu Nakamura’s contempt for Dragonmarsh warriors was apparent, considering their history of subjugation for decades.

“While Dragonmarsh warriors may be weak individually, their numbers pose a threat. Even a fierce tiger should beware a pack of wolves,” Tatsuharu Nakamura cautioned.

“Understood,” the warrior reluctantly agreed, although he still held a condescending view of the Dragonmarsh warriors.

Moments later, Dustin’s cold and indifferent voice echoed, seemingly coming from all directions.

“Who’s there?” The group became alert, scanning their surroundings.

Tap, tap, tap… accompanied by faint footsteps, a tall figure emerged from the darkness.

It was Dustin, who had arrived just in time.

“Mr. Dustin, you’ve finally come. We’ve been waiting for you,” Tatsuharu Nakamura greeted him with a polite smile.

“Who are you people?” Dustin looked around.

Around the factory, about twenty to thirty people were hidden, with five of them being experts at the innate level, while the rest were at the pinnacle of inner strength.

This force was formidable enough to challenge the aristocratic families in the provincial capital.

“I am Tatsuharu Nakamura. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Tatsuharu Nakamura replied with a slight nod.

“Sir Nakamura? You’re from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix?” Dustin quickly deduced.


Tatsuharu Nakamura didn’t mince words. “I’ve heard that you possess a Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom. I’m interested in acquiring it. I’m willing to pay a substantial sum. I hope you can bear to part with it.”

“Dragonmarsh people speak nicely, but unfortunately, I can’t give it to you,” Dustin replied firmly.

“What? Mr. Dustin, do you think I can’t afford it? Just name your price, and I won’t haggle,” Tatsuharu Nakamura offered.

“I detest being threatened. Your method of luring me here has crossed my boundaries. Therefore, no matter how much you offer, I won’t sell it to you,” Dustin declared coldly.

“Is that so?”

Upon hearing Dustin’s words, Tatsuharu Nakamura’s expression darkened, though he soon forced a smile. “Mr. Dustin, I admit that I handled this matter poorly. I’m willing to apologize to you. As long as you’re willing to sell me the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom, everything can be negotiated.”

“It seems you still haven’t understood. I’ll say it once more: You don’t have the qualifications to possess the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom. Even if I were to feed it to my dog, I still wouldn’t sell it to you!” Dustin stated firmly.

With these words, Tatsuharu Nakamura’s face instantly turned grim.


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