An Understated Dominance Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107: Dustin’s Fury

“Go to hell!” The red-clad warrior couldn’t contain his anger and drew the katana from his waist, showing clear intentions of attacking.

“Mr. Dustin, we have a saying in our nation: ‘A wise man knows when to yield.’ Hand over the Seven-Colored Spirit Mushroom, and I’ll release both of you. If you dare to refuse, there’s only one way out—death!” Tatsuharu Nakamura threatened.

“Just because of you are many, you think you can kill me? Do you have that ability?” Dustin sneered.

“You don’t believe it? You can try.” Tatsuharu Nakamura snapped his fingers.

“Kill!” The red-clad warrior responded and immediately approached Dustin with his katana, his lips curled in a contemptuous smile. “You Dragonmarsh people are all weaklings, only good at boasting. Today, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“What did you just say?” Dustin’s face turned cold, and his murderous intent surged.

About eighty years ago, the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix did indeed have the upper hand in Dragonmarsh for a period. At that time, Dragonmarsh had just experienced a war, was weakened, and considered inferior, earning them the derogatory title of ‘East Empire weaklings.’

Although Dragonmarsh had since risen to power after decades of development, that period of humiliation was unforgettable.

Hearing that shameful label again, any hot-blooded man would find it intolerable.

“Oh? Getting angry, are you?” The red-clad warrior chuckled. “You Dragonmarsh people are forever destined to be beneath us. Eighty years ago, it was the same, and it remains so now. You’re all inferior races, the lowest of the low, like slaves. You should kneel before us, begging for mercy. While you may be beneath us, I must admit, your women are incredibly beautiful. After I kill this ‘Eastern weakling,’ I’ll go and enjoy your woman. No, I’ll take her in front of you and humiliate her! Hahaha…”

As he spoke, the red-clad warrior burst into boisterous laughter.

He was extremely arrogant, thoroughly insolent.

The surrounding black-clad warriors joined in the laughter, their faces filled with pride and self-satisfaction.

In their eyes, the lowly Dragonmarsh warriors couldn’t compare to the noble warriors of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix.

“You—really looking for death!”

Watching the warriors laugh recklessly, Dustin’s fury flared, and he was brimming with killing intent.

In an instant, his body shot forward like a bullet, his fist aimed at the red-clad warrior.

“Die!” The red-clad warrior roared, drawing his katana and slashing down heavily toward Dustin’s head.

His katana was forged for elite warriors, capable of cutting through steel like butter. Moreover, it was longer than his opponent’s body, while Dustin was unarmed—charging in like this was equivalent to seeking death.


The red-clad warrior’s katana struck Dustin’s head with full force.

However, to everyone’s astonishment, Dustin remained unscathed, and it was the katana, made of high-quality steel, that shattered into two pieces.

“What?!” The red-clad warrior’s pupils constricted in shock, his expression filled with disbelief.

He had never dreamed that a human head could be tougher than a sword.


A muffled sound.

Before the red-clad warrior could react, Dustin’s fist pierced through his chest.


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