An Understated Dominance Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108: The Unseen Power

Dustin’s fist struck the red-clad warrior’s chest and exited through his back, leaving a trail of spilled blood.


The red-clad warrior froze, stunned. He lowered his head, looking at the fist that had pierced through him, disbelief written all over his face.

Weren’t people from Dragonmarsh considered weaklings in East Empire?

Weren’t Dragonmarsh warriors thought to be a bunch of pushovers?


Why was this guy in front of him so incredibly powerful?

With shock, fear, and frustration, the red-clad warrior ultimately collapsed to the ground, meeting his end with bitterness.

“You asked for it!”

Dustin, his face cold and still seething, didn’t hold back his anger. He delivered a heavy kick to the head of the fallen red-clad warrior.


A loud explosion echoed through the area.

The red-clad warrior’s head burst like a watermelon, leaving nothing intact.

Dustin had always been swift in dispatching his foes, never one to indulge in postmortem cruelty. However, the red-clad warrior’s words had thoroughly enraged him.


Seeing this scene, Nakamura’s complexion couldn’t help but change. He hadn’t expected Dustin to be this powerful, and the red-clad warrior’s strength was comparable to that of Dragonmarsh’s top martial artists.

Such a formidable adversary had been defeated with a single punch, which was truly astonishing.

“Get him!”

Witnessing their comrade’s death, the warriors from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix drew their swords, and among them, four red-clad warriors were all experts in their own right.

Adding to that, there were more than twenty peak Inner Energy practitioners, their aura brimming with power.

“Kill him!”

Without hesitation, Nakamura issued a command to attack with deadly intent. Their initial plan of capturing Dustin alive seemed unfeasible now.

When facing genuine experts, one had to go all out, or there would be a risk of failure.


The warriors brandished their swords and charged at Dustin.

Dustin stomped his foot, and a katana lying by a corpse sprung into his hand with precision.

“You’re all going down!”

Dustin showed no mercy, wielding the katana with one hand and delivering a sweeping strike.


A white blade aura shot out like a gigantic scythe, slashing towards the oncoming foes.

The black-clothed warriors at the front hadn’t even reacted before the blade aura pierced through them.

The four red-clad warriors reacted swiftly, raising their swords to block.

“Clang, clang, clang, clang!”

Amidst the sound of clashing steel, the red-clad warriors’ swords were instantly severed, and Dustin’s blade aura continued unabated, easily passing through all four.

Finally, with a resounding “Bang,” it demolished a wall.

The warriors struck by the blade aura stood motionless, as if petrified, unable to move.

In the next moment, copious amounts of blood sprayed out as their bodies were cleanly bisected at the waist, completely separating their upper and lower halves.

They collapsed to the ground, lifeless and in pieces.

“A single strike?!”

Nakamura was left dumbfounded, his face filled with shock.

Just one strike had taken down over twenty formidable warriors.


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