An Understated Dominance Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109: Confrontation of Truth

Nakamura: Is this guy some kind of monster?!!

Dustin: “It’s your turn!”

Dustin suddenly raised his head, his piercing gaze fixed on Nakamura, who was trembling with fear.

Nakamura: “Mr. Dustin, let’s talk this out. There’s no need for violence. I’ll return your woman to you, and I’ll leave immediately. I promise I won’t appear before you again,” Nakamura stammered, trying to appease Dustin.

He had carefully planned everything, preparing over twenty powerful warriors, but they couldn’t withstand a single strike from Dustin. This man was terrifying!

Dustin: “From the moment you kidnapped her, your fate was sealed. It’s too late for these words now,” Dustin said, his expression unwavering, as he slowly raised his sword.

Garrett: “Stop!”

At that moment, a furious shout echoed at the doorway.

“You arrived just in time. These Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix people intended to kidnap Shiela and harm her. You should arrest them and deal with them accordingly,” Dustin pointed to the bodies on the ground.

Garrett: “Shut up! You have no say here!”

Garrett’s eyes narrowed, then he turned his gaze to Nakamura, looking surprised. “Nakamura, what are you doing here?”

Nakamura: “Garrett, it’s you?” Nakamura was taken aback. He had met Garrett during their study abroad days, and though they weren’t close friends, they had a decent rapport.

“Nakamura, what brings you here?” Garrett asked, perplexed.

“I…,” Nakamura stuttered, momentarily at a loss for words. He couldn’t admit to his actions, as it would mean certain death.

“He won’t talk, so I’ll tell you,” Dustin interjected. “Nakamura kidnapped Shiela, had malicious intentions, and deserves punishment. Arrest him and interrogate him thoroughly to see if he has any accomplices.”

“Hmm?” Garrett furrowed his brow.

“Garrett, this seems like a misunderstanding. Don’t listen to his baseless accusations!” Nakamura began to defend himself, realizing that he couldn’t confess now, as it would spell certain doom.

“Nakamura, whether it’s true or not, I’ll investigate and make sure to reach a fair conclusion. I promise that I won’t wrong an innocent person or let a guilty one go free,” Garrett said, his face stern.

Dustin: “Evidence, you say?”

Dustin raised an eyebrow. “Do we need evidence when the facts are right in front of us?”

“I just walked in here and don’t know anything. Now, I’m asking you, do you have any evidence?” Garrett said with a composed expression.

Dustin: “Not enough?”

Dustin grabbed Nakamura and pulled out a cellphone from his pocket. After unlocking it and browsing for a moment, he quickly found the video of Nakamura threatening Shiela.

“Look carefully. This is a video taken by Nakamura, containing clear evidence. Now, who’s the villain and who’s the hero? Isn’t it obvious enough?” Dustin demanded.

Seeing this, Nakamura turned pale in an instant.

With irrefutable evidence now at hand, there was no room for denial.

Garrett: “Let me see…”

Garrett took the phone, carefully examining it. Soon, he furrowed his brow and grew serious.

After a moment, it seemed he had reached a conclusion. He took a deep breath and, pretending to stay calm, said, “What kidnapping video? It’s obviously fake. I warn you not to spout nonsense and slander Nakamura, or I won’t be lenient with you!”

As he spoke, he exerted force and crushed the phone.

This was undoubtedly an attempt to destroy evidence!


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