An Understated Dominance Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: A Shocking Betrayal

Dustin: “Hmm?”

Watching the crushed phone, Dustin furrowed his brow, and his face darkened instantly.

He hadn’t expected Garrett to take such action, openly destroying evidence and shielding Nakamura in front of everyone. Did he treat Dustin as if he were invisible?

At this moment, even Nakamura was baffled. With evidence right before his eyes, he had thought he was done for. Yet, Garrett’s unexpected intervention had caught him off guard.

“Nakamura, you don’t need to worry. With me here, no one can harm you today,” Garrett said firmly, coming to Nakamura’s defense.

Garrett didn’t care about Shiela being kidnapped, but if he could use this opportunity to gain favor with Nakamura, it would be a wise choice. After all, the Sir Nakamura family ranked among the top ten in the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix.

“With you, Garrett, as my advocate, I feel at ease,” Nakamura quickly responded.

Since Garrett had proactively shown goodwill, Nakamura decided to go along with it, accepting this favor.

Dustin: “Garrett, it seems like you’re going to collude with Nakamura?”

Dustin’s expression turned frosty. He had captured the culprit, provided evidence, and now, Garrett not only failed to punish the wrongdoer but also deliberately twisted the truth and shielded him. Moreover, Garrett had gone as far as destroying evidence. Such a despicable and servile act was an affront to the reputation of the Garrett family.

Garrett: “Dustin, you have no evidence, yet you dare to slander Nakamura. You truly have the audacity!”

Garrett retorted, “Furthermore, I have reason to suspect that the video you just showed is a fabricated piece of evidence. You are the true kidnapper of Shiela!”

“Are you blind? Can’t you see the bodies of all these Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors?” Dustin couldn’t help but curse.

This guy not only protected the guilty party but also turned the tables, even going so far as to destroy evidence.

Such base and shameless behavior was absolutely outrageous!

Garrett: “Hmph! Nakamura and the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors came here to rescue Shiela and promote friendship between our nations. However, you, upon being exposed, react with anger and kill Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors. Now, you are the culprit in the eyes of both nations!”

Garrett spoke righteously, skillfully placing a colossal accusation squarely on Dustin’s shoulders.

Dustin: “Hehe… What a master of deception, twisting right and wrong.”

Dustin couldn’t help but laugh. “Garrett, as a legitimate heir of the Garrett family, you should have more integrity and courage than an average person. However, you’d rather serve as a lapdog for the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix. Your kind is a disgrace to the Murray family’s reputation!”



With these words, people angrily berated Dustin.

They glared at him with righteous indignation.

“Bastard! We always knew you weren’t a good person, but we never expected you to kidnap Shiela! You’re worse than an animal!”

“Exactly! If it weren’t for Mr. Sir Nakamura’s timely intervention, Shiela might have already been violated by you, you beast!”

“Vile scum! You should be captured and severely punished! People like you deserve harsh torture!”

The group of young men and women expressed their outrage, unequivocally assuming Dustin’s guilt.

Dustin: “Garrett! You conspire with villains, distort the truth, and shield criminals! Your behavior is an affront to the Garrett family’s honor.”

“Dustin! You are hereby ordered to surrender immediately and apologize to Nakamura. Otherwise, you will face the consequences!” Garrett declared coldly.

A powerless nobody, what else could he do but bow down to those in power?

Dustin: “Garrett, I underestimated your despicable nature.”

Dustin’s icy gaze swept over everyone, and he finally settled on Garrett. “Seeing how skilled you are at this, it’s clear that this isn’t your first time. Unfortunately for you, you picked the wrong person to cross today. Do you think a few words can frame me, or do you believe you can stand up to me?”

Garrett: “What’s this? You dare to resist?”

Garrett’s expression darkened, and he spoke with authority.


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