An Understated Dominance Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Cousin’s Conundrum


Just as Dustin was brutally beating Garrett, a melodious shout suddenly rang out from behind.

Dustin turned around to see that Shiela had regained consciousness, her small face showing a mix of shock and disbelief. She hadn’t expected to wake up to such a scene, and she couldn’t understand why her cousin, Dustin, was beating up her cousin, Garrett.

“Dustin, what are you doing?” Shiela furrowed her brow, looking somewhat perplexed.

“Garrett distorted the truth and sided with the enemy. I’m just teaching him a lesson on behalf of the old general, so he doesn’t go down the wrong path and harm himself and others,” Dustin explained plainly.

“Nonsense!” Vivian immediately countered, “Shiela, Dustin here kidnapped you, and we rushed to rescue you. But he turned the tables and assaulted your cousin. Look at him, see what he’s turned your cousin into!”

“Exactly! This guy is treacherous. After we exposed his true colors, he got furious, started a fight, and even threatened to capture me. He’s utterly despicable!” added Chase.

“Dustin, is what they’re saying true?” Shiela looked puzzled.

“Shiela, do you think I’m that kind of person?” Dustin asked in return.

“No, you don’t seem like it,” Shiela shook her head and then asked, “But why did you beat up Garrett so?”

“Nakamura from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix kidnapped you and used you to threaten me. After I dealt with the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix’s warriors, Garrett and his men arrived. This guy, in his effort to please the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, not only shielded Nakamura but also turned against me, accusing me falsely and even threatening to arrest me. Shouldn’t someone like that receive a lesson?” Dustin explained the whole situation in one breath, concluding with a question.

“This…” Shiela was momentarily speechless.

If what Dustin said was true, then her cousin had indeed acted outrageously.

“Shiela! Please don’t be fooled by him. He’s lying!” Garrett, enduring the pain, shouted, “He kidnapped you, and we caught him red-handed. That’s why he attacked me. This guy is a hypocrite!”

As this statement came out, Shiela wavered again.

Her cousin had always been upright and of excellent character. It didn’t make sense for him to engage in such tarnishing activities.

What had really happened?

“Shiela, whether it’s true or not, you can judge for yourself by looking at the bodies on the ground,” Dustin calmly stated. “Those are the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors who kidnapped you. I believe you may have seen some of them before; their tattoos are identical to those on the bodies of these warriors. So, is it true or not? You can decide.”

Hearing this, Shiela carefully examined the scene and indeed recognized some familiar tattoos on the corpses. Although the kidnappers had covered their faces when they abducted her, she had seen a few of these tattoos before. It seemed these Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors were indeed the kidnappers.

“Garrett, these Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors do seem to be the kidnappers. What’s going on?” Shiela furrowed her brow, looking at Garrett.

“Shiela! Don’t be confused!” Garrett had a determined look. “These Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix warriors were all hired by Dustin. He orchestrated this whole act, deliberately having you kidnapped, and then he appeared as the savior to win your favor. This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

At this, Dustin couldn’t help but sneer, “Garrett, you have no shame. You’re making baseless accusations against me. But what about Nakamura behind you? What role does he play in all of this?”

He had thought that Garrett was cunning, but he didn’t expect him to be so shameless, blatantly lying.

“Humph! Nakamura is the last surviving witness!” Garrett said confidently. “You paid Nakamura to arrange the kidnapping, and now you want to eliminate the evidence by killing him. You’re despicable!”

With that, he gave a meaningful look to Nakamura.


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