An Understated Dominance Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: Unforeseen Turbulence


The sudden commotion startled everyone, leaving them in shock. They followed the noise and saw Garrett hanging on the wall, his upper body deeply embedded in the wall, with only his hands and feet protruding outside. Blood sprayed from his nose and mouth, an appalling sight.

“Garrett, young Lord!”

“Young Lord!”

After a momentary daze, the faces of those present turned pale. They rushed forward, pulled Garrett out of the wall, and administered first aid with urgency.

“You, with the Mr Rhys! How dare you harm the Murray family’s young Lord? You have some audacity!” Vivian exclaimed, a mixture of astonishment and anger.

“Dustin! If anything happens to Young Lord Garrett, you won’t escape with just your life!” Chase threatened sternly.

“Are you all blind? It was clearly Garrett who launched a sneak attack. I was merely defending myself,” Dustin stated coldly.

“I didn’t see anything except you attacking someone. I warn you to surrender immediately, or you’ll have nowhere to rest in peace!” Vivian’s expression carried a hint of malevolence.

“That’s right! Surrender immediately!” Chase echoed.


Dustin snorted dismissively, not bothering to engage further.

Garrett initiated the attack, and had Dustin not reacted swiftly, activating his protective aura in advance, that blade would have struck a fatal blow.

Although martial masters were impervious to blades and bullets, the prerequisite was having a protective aura. Without it, their physical bodies couldn’t withstand sharp weapons.

“Shiela, did you witness what just happened? This guy lacks martial ethics; he attacked your cousin without provocation, intending to eliminate him!” Vivian began to incite emotions.

“Yes, Shiela! Dustin is scheming and malicious. Your cousin merely argued logically, and he resorted to ruthless violence. It’s utterly despicable!” Chase continued to fan the flames.


Shiela was dumbfounded, her eyes wide with disbelief. “Why? Why did you harm someone?”

No matter how you looked at it, Garrett was her cousin, and Dustin’s attack was intended to take a life.

It was simply too ruthless!

“Shiela, it was Garrett who attacked me first. My response was purely instinctual,” Dustin explained.

By this time, the knife Garrett had used was discreetly taken by Vivian.

“He attacked you?”

Shiela scrutinized Dustin but found no signs of injury. Disappointment filled her eyes. “Dustin, are you still lying to me? Do you think I’m so gullible that I can be easily deceived? Yes, I might be naive, but my eyesight is still intact! If you had no ulterior motives, why would you resort to violence? I’ve always believed you were a good person and trusted you. But why? Why did you lie to me?”

As she spoke, tears welled up in Shiela’s eyes.

She had hesitated to believe it before, still clinging to hope. However, she had witnessed Dustin’s attack firsthand.

Now, she had to question his motives.

Could it be that, as her father had claimed, Dustin had approached her solely to advance within the General’s household? Were their prior encounters and his acts of saving lives all an act? Were they part of a hidden agenda?

“Shiela, what are you saying?”

Dustin furrowed his brows slightly, his tone serious. “I have never lied to you, nor have I ever considered you foolish. I genuinely regarded you as a friend.”



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