An Understated Dominance Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117: A Bold Entrance

Max nodded thoughtfully. “Alright, I’ll leave this matter to you. Find a few formidable experts and get rid of Dustin for me!”

Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut? Matters that could be resolved with money didn’t require their direct involvement.

“No problem.”

Caden curled his lips. After all, it was Max’s order. If anything went wrong, he could avoid blame from their father.

The next day, in the morning.

In front of the General Murray’s Residence, it was exceptionally lively.

Guests came and went, and the scene was bustling.

Today was General Murray’s birthday.

Although he had retired from the political stage, he had once been a powerful figure, with unrivaled influence.

His disciples and students were spread across the world.

Looking across the entire Balermo region, no one dared to disrespect or disobey him.

However, General Murray had always kept a low profile and disliked extravagance. Therefore, every time he celebrated his birthday, he only invited a few close friends and relatives.

Of course, there were always some uninvited guests.

At this moment, at the entrance of the General Murray’s Residence…

A black sedan slowly pulled up.

The car door opened, and Dustin stepped out with Cornelius, holding a congratulatory gift in his hands.

“Young Lord, last night you nearly beat Garrett to death, and today you’re here to congratulate Murray’s birthday. Aren’t you afraid that the Murray family will turn their backs on you?” Cornelius couldn’t help but ask.

The General Murray’s Residence was heavily guarded, not unlike a tiger’s den or a dragon’s lair. Once you entered, it was not easy to leave.

“General Murray is a reasonable person. Right and wrong are clear, I believe he should understand.” Dustin said indifferently.

Although he had beaten Garrett, it did not prevent him from congratulating General Murray on his birthday.

“Hopefully, that’s the case.” Cornelius said with a solemn expression.

If General Murray was reasonable, that would be the best. What they were most afraid of was that he would value his grandson too much and act unreasonably.

By then, they would be walking into a trap.

“Let’s go in.”

Dustin didn’t waste any time and handed over the invitation. Then, he walked into the General Murray’s Residence with Cornelius.

The guests who could enter the General Murray’s Residence were not many, but each one was a prominent figure.

Either they were high-ranking officials in the court, wealthy tycoons in the city, or local officials.

Today’s seemingly ordinary banquet was actually the gathering of the top figures in Balermo.


As soon as Dustin entered the banquet hall, he bumped into several familiar faces.

They were none other than Shiela, Vivian, Chase, and others.

They had been chatting and laughing, but as soon as they met Dustin at the entrance, they froze in place.

“You… why are you here?”

Shiela was stunned for a moment.

Ever since she and Dustin had a falling out last night, she had been feeling empty inside and had almost stayed up all night.

Seeing him suddenly, she felt at a loss for words.

“Dustin! You have the audacity to show up at the General Murray’s Residence after almost beating Garrett to death yesterday! Aren’t you afraid that the Murray family will disown you?” Vivian scolded angrily.

“Is that so?!”

Max’s face darkened. “That damn beast! He harmed my daughter before, and now he’s injured my son. I’ll make sure he’s torn to pieces!”

His daughter had just been admitted to the hospital yesterday, and now his son was in the same situation.

Facing such a double blow, his anger was boundless.

“Big brother, please calm down. What I’m saying is for your own good.”

Caden had a serious expression. “Don’t forget, it is our father’s birthday. Although it doesn’t need to be celebrated grandly, there will definitely be many guests coming and going. If you make a big fuss now, it will not only damage the family’s reputation but also put you in a difficult position in front of our father.”

At these words, Max immediately furrowed his brows.

While he was eager to tear Dustin apart, it was indeed not suitable to cause a commotion on such an important occasion.

The birthday celebration of their father was of utmost importance to the Murray family, and countless eyes were watching.

If news of today’s events were to spread, it would not only damage the family’s prestige but also incur their father’s displeasure.


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