An Understated Dominance Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: Face-off

“Shiela! They are distorting the truth!”

Seeing that things were not going well, Vivian started causing trouble again. “All that talk about saving you from water and fire, and returning kindness with enmity, it’s all nonsense! Dustin had ulterior motives from the beginning. He used various strategies and calculations to win your favor. Everything he did, all the favors he gave, were fake. Don’t let yourself be deceived!”

“That’s right! This guy is full of sinister intentions and is not a good person. We must be on our guard at all times!” Chase squinted his eyes.

Listening to their words, the slight guilt that had arisen in Shiela’s heart disappeared instantly.

Yes, Dustin had saved her and helped her, but it was all for a purpose. It couldn’t be considered as favors. If it weren’t for last night when she uncovered his true colors, she might still be kept in the dark.

In the end, Dustin had deceived her, and she didn’t need to feel guilty, grateful, or soft-hearted.

Thinking of this, Shiela took a deep breath and looked at Dustin with determination. “Dustin! I don’t want to see you here. Please leave!”


Just as Cornelius was about to lose his temper, Dustin raised his hand to stop him and looked at Shiela with disappointment and indifference. “Miss Murray, it seems that you really dislike me. Since that’s the case, I won’t stay here and be a nuisance. I’ll take my leave.”

With that, he turned and walked toward the exit.

Shiela was determined to kick him out, and there was no point in him staying here, clinging to her. As for congratulating General Murray on his birthday, his intention had been conveyed, and he didn’t need to force it.

“Hmph! It’s about time he left. He’s just bad luck!” Vivian said with a disdainful expression.

“Immediately inform the head of the Murray security. Once Dustin leaves, arrest him right away!” Chase ordered his men to report the incident.

Although they couldn’t disrupt the banquet, it didn’t mean that Dustin could get away with it after beating the Murray family’s eldest son.

“General Murray is here!”

Just as Dustin walked out of the banquet hall, a cry suddenly rang out.

Following that, under the gaze of numerous stars, a white-haired, burly figure, General Murray, walked in with a group of people.

Wherever he passed, the guests respectfully bowed and paid their respects.

Without any action or words, just standing there exuded an invisible majesty.

It made people feel awe.

“Greetings, General Murray!”

With General Murray’s arrival, everyone promptly left the hall to greet him, showing enough respect.

Whether they were high-ranking officials or local tycoons, in the presence of such a prominent figure, they all had to lower their heads and behave properly.

The previously defiant Vivian and the others were now silent and dared not even breathe loudly.

Only Shiela happily walked up and linked arms with General Murray, treating the imposing general as nothing more than a kind old man in her eyes.

In the eyes of others, he might have the air of a dragon and a tiger, but to her, he was just a benevolent grandpa.

“You don’t need to be too polite, everyone please find your way in,” General Murray said with a slight smile.

Although he didn’t exude any majesty, he still gave people immense pressure.

Including his son, Max, who was now the head of the family, and others from the main branch, all behaved very respectfully.

Finally, under General Murray’s invitation, everyone entered the hall one after another.

Just as Dustin was preparing to leave, General Murray’s gaze fell upon him, catching him in the act. He immediately spoke, “Little guy, where are you going?”

With this statement, everyone’s eyes were focused on Dustin.


Max, who had just entered the hall, fixed his gaze and instantly wore a gloomy expression.


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