An Understated Dominance Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: “A Bold Intruder”

Caden squinted his eyes, his expression far from friendly.

“This guy, is he asking for trouble?” he muttered.

“How interesting… truly interesting,” commented Nakamura from the crowd, a sly grin on his face.

After the events of last night, it was expected that Dustin would have fled in the dead of night and gone into hiding. However, nobody anticipated that he would show up at their doorstep.

He was truly audacious!

“Haha… this fellow is in deep trouble now. He’s caught the attention of the General, and there’s no escaping that today!” chuckled Chase.

“He deserves it! Why didn’t he leave earlier? He’s brought this upon himself by lingering here, he’s practically digging his own grave!” added Vivian, wearing a smug expression.

In their eyes, the General must have learned about his grandson being beaten up, so he was seeking retribution publicly.

“General, I’ve already conveyed my intentions. I have some matters to attend to, so I’ll take my leave now,” Dustin said, clasping his hands politely.

“Hold on!” Chase suddenly jumped forward, blocking his path. He exclaimed, “Kid! You come and go as you please, do you take the General’s residence for granted?!”

As he spoke, he stole a glance at General Murray.

Opportunities like this to display himself were not to be missed. If he could show his face in front of the General, it might lead to future favor and advancement.

It was a win-win situation—suppress Dustin and gain favor with the General.

Thinking about it, he couldn’t help but admire his own cleverness and ability to read the situation.

He was truly brilliant.

“Hmm?” General Murray raised an eyebrow, slightly puzzled by Chase’s sudden appearance.

Where did this kid come from?

What was he up to?

“You told me to leave earlier, and now you want me to stay. What exactly do you mean?” Dustin maintained a neutral expression.

“Hmph! Spare us the talk!” Chase snarled, his face fierce. “You’ve annoyed the General, disrupted everyone’s mood, and now you want to walk away? You’re dreaming!”

“That’s right! You’ve infiltrated the General’s residence with ill intentions, harboring evil plans. Everyone should unite against such a threat! Fortunately, the General sees through your true colors. Today, you won’t escape justice!” Vivian proclaimed self-righteously.

While labeling Dustin, he even patted General Murray’s horse, making himself look more impressive.

This combination of praising the General while belittling Dustin was masterfully executed.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” General Murray furrowed his brow, displeased.

Where did these two fools come from? Can’t they distinguish directions?

“General, dealing with such a scoundrel doesn’t require your personal intervention. Leave it to us younger generation. I guarantee we’ll handle him properly!” Chase said, oblivious to the gravity of the situation, trying to impress General Murray.

“Yes, General, it’s your birthday today. You shouldn’t get angry. We’ll take care of it for you,” Vivian added, fearing that all the credit would be stolen.

Making the General happy while also gaining some attention, what could be better?

“Seize this troublemaker who has committed numerous wrongs and interrogate him thoroughly!” Chase confidently ordered the Murray family guards.

“How dare you!” General Murray slammed his hand on the table, his anger evident. He walked up and slapped both Chase and Vivian.

“You’ve lost your senses! This is an esteemed guest of the Murray family! Who gave you the audacity to show disrespect to my guest?!”


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