An Understated Dominance Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: “Unexpected Guest”


The sudden slap left Chase and Vivian bewildered, their hands covering their faces in confusion.

Wasn’t Dustin the troublemaker? Why was the General hitting them?

At this moment, the Murray family members, and even all the guests present, wore expressions of shock.

Nobody expected that the usually composed General would openly resort to physical violence, especially on his own birthday.

“O-General, did you perhaps mistake the person? This guy is a criminal who should be detained and watched closely to prevent him from causing trouble,” Chase attempted to explain.

“Yes, General, this guy injured Young Lord Garrett last night; he’s truly heinous and must be severely punished!” Vivian chimed in.

She believed that General Murray might not know the whole story, hence the intervention.

“Shut up!” General Murray glared, emitting a powerful aura. “Dustin saved my granddaughter’s life; he is a benefactor of the Murray family and my honored guest. If you dare to talk nonsense again, don’t blame me for kicking you out!”

With those words, Chase and Vivian fell silent immediately, their faces showing signs of panic.

If they were truly expelled from the General’s residence, not only would they suffer, but their entire families would also face consequences, perhaps even being ostracized.

After all, no one would want to risk offending the General and continue associating with their families.


Shiela couldn’t bear to watch anymore and was about to say something when Max interrupted, “Dad, today is your birthday. It’s not worth getting angry. Let’s calm down.”

The reason for stopping his daughter was simple: right now, distinguishing right from wrong was irrelevant.

Once the patriarch had spoken, the entire Murray family had to support his decision, no matter the reason. Especially in front of so many guests, the patriarch’s authority was unquestionable.


General Murray coldly glanced at the two of them before turning to Dustin, saying in a commanding tone, “Young man, come, sit at the head of the table. Let’s see who dares to object today.”

With that, he grabbed Dustin’s hand and arranged him at the head table.

This area was reserved for the Murray family’s core members and esteemed guests. Dustin, dressed so modestly, appeared out of place.

However, no one dared to voice any objections with the General’s command. Instead, they all put on friendly smiles and welcomed him.

Though Dustin was not a prominent figure, the General’s face was priceless. Even if a lump of dung were placed on the table, they would have to eat it without complaint.

“This guy is truly despicable, taking advantage of Shiela’s name to assert himself here and deceive the General’s sympathy. He’s utterly shameless!” Vivian gritted her teeth, feeling indignant.

As a prestigious disciple of a noble family, she didn’t even have the qualifications to sit at the head table. Why should a lowly insurance salesman sit among those important figures?

“Hmph! This is just a temporary glory. Once the General realizes the truth, Dustin will undoubtedly be severely punished to clear his name!” Chase muttered, touching his stinging face.

In the presence of the General, he naturally couldn’t express his anger, so he redirected it all toward Dustin.

“You brat, mark my words, one day I’ll get rid of you.”

Max muttered with a dark expression. He thought Chase and Vivian could handle Dustin, but he hadn’t expected the Old Man to intervene.

Even if he harbored immense resentment, he dared not show it. After all, it was unwise to display dissatisfaction before the General, especially in front of such a significant gathering.

After this brief incident, the atmosphere returned to normal. More and more guests entered the banquet hall, bearing gifts to celebrate General Murray’s birthday.


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