An Understated Dominance Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123: “The Return of the Prodigal Son”

The atmosphere in the room quickly became lively.

“General of the Jinzhou Garrison pays a visit, wishing General a long and prosperous life!”

“The Mayor of Li City in Jin Market pays a visit, wishing General strength and good health!”

“The Chairman of the Hedong Group pays a visit, wishing General success in all endeavors and years of prosperity!”

With the announcements of the servants, one distinguished figure after another, dressed impeccably, entered the room. Among them were influential military commanders, city leaders, wealthy entrepreneurs, and prominent figures from various fields. These guests had come to pay their respects, bearing all kinds of rare and valuable gifts.

“Thank you all for coming to celebrate. Please, take your seats.”

Max, as the head of the family, stood up and began welcoming the various guests. Meanwhile, General Murray responded with smiles to the well-wishes from the guests.

“The Third Young Lord (Third son) is here!”

At that moment, a loud voice announced, causing everyone to turn their heads toward the entrance. There, a middle-aged man dressed in white, with a dignified appearance, was walking in slowly. He was accompanied by two cloaked individuals.

“Isn’t that the General’s youngest son, Lord Harrison Murray?”

“I heard that Harrison had a falling out with the family and disappeared for many years. I didn’t expect him to return today.”

“As a son, it’s only natural for him to come back to congratulate his father on his birthday.”

Observing the arrival of the man in white, the guests couldn’t help but engage in hushed conversations.

General Murray had three sons: the eldest, Max; the second, Caden; and the third, Harrison. Among them, the most outstanding was Harrison, who was courageous and talented. He had been highly regarded and even designated as the family’s heir at one point.

However, for reasons unknown, Harrison had given up his position and left the family, disappearing for a full five years until today, when he finally reappeared.


Recognizing the newcomer, Max’s face lit up, and he hurriedly went to greet him. “Brother, it’s been so many years. You’ve finally returned!”

He even gave Harrison a big hug.

“Big Brother, it’s been a long time. Have you been well all these years?” Harrison smiled faintly.

“Very well… very well indeed!”

Patting his brother on the shoulder, Max grinned. “It’s been a while, and you’ve grown even stronger. That’s great!”

“Brother, since you’ve returned, why didn’t you inform us beforehand?” Caden also approached with a smile.

“Second Brother, I just arrived. I thought I’d give you all a surprise. You won’t blame me, will you?” Harrison joked.

“Since you’ve come back, I’m just happy about it. After all these years, you’ve given us quite the surprise today,” Caden replied warmly.

“Enough of this. Let’s not talk about it.”

Max interrupted their conversation and led Harrison to their father, saying, “Dad, look who’s here.”

“Dad, I’ve come to celebrate your birthday.”

Harrison respectfully presented a gift with both hands.

General Murray did not extend his hand to accept it. Instead, he snorted, “You left home, and now you have the face to return?”


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