An Understated Dominance Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124: “Reconciliation and Celebrations”

The cold and indifferent words from General Murray left Max and Caden momentarily stunned. In their eyes, their younger brother had always been the most favored and highly regarded by their father. So, shouldn’t their father be happy to see him again? Why the stern expression?

It had been five long years, and they believed that any misunderstandings could have been resolved between a father and son during that time.

“Dad, it was my fault in the past, my foolishness. I want to apologize to you now,” Harrison said, bowing deeply. “I’ve thought it over these years, and I know I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me this time.”


General Murray raised an eyebrow, showing some surprise. His youngest son had always been headstrong, often stubbornly refusing to yield. However, it seemed that he had matured during his absence.

“Dad, everything that happened in the past is in the past. Third Brother has acknowledged his mistakes. Please forgive him,” Max tried to mediate.

“Yes, Dad, it was all just a misunderstanding back then. Let’s be a harmonious family, and we can overcome anything,” Caden chimed in.

Seeing Harrison’s humble attitude, General Murray’s expression finally softened, and he waved his hand, saying, “Alright, as long as you’ve returned safely, that’s enough. Take a seat.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Harrison bowed once more.

“Third Brother, come, sit over here.”

Max was very enthusiastic, leading Harrison to the seat of honor. He had always held his youngest brother in high regard, and their reunion after so many years was a source of great joy for him.

The core members of the Murray family and the other guests greeted Harrison warmly and politely. Everyone understood that General Murray had always been troubled by his youngest son’s departure, to the extent that the name “Harrison” had become a taboo topic in the family over the past five years. Now, with Harrison’s return and his sincere apology, it seemed that the old misunderstandings were finally being resolved. They believed that the Murray family would shine even brighter in the future.

As time passed, more and more dignitaries and influential figures arrived to celebrate. Each guest was accompanied by two bodyguards, who stood by the wall and maintained a vigilant presence.

Dustin glanced around and noticed that all these bodyguards were quite formidable, exuding an aura of battle-hardened experience. It was evident that they had seen combat.

Once all the guests had gathered, Max stood up first and announced, “First of all, I’d like to welcome all of you to our father’s birthday banquet. Our father has requested a low-key celebration, but you have all traveled great distances to be here, and we are truly grateful for your presence.”

He poured himself a glass of wine and raised it. “Please allow me to propose a toast to all of you.”

With that, he emptied his glass, and the guests promptly raised their own glasses in return.

“Next, we invite our honored father to say a few words,” Max continued, redirecting the attention to General Murray.

The room erupted into applause, prompting General Murray to rise to his feet. However, before he could speak, Harrison unexpectedly stood up, wearing a smile, and said, “May I say a few words before Dad?”

Max was slightly surprised but nodded in agreement. “Of course, brother, feel free to speak. We’re all family here, no need to be formal.”

“Dad, before anything else, I’ve prepared a gift for you today, and I hope you’ll like it.”

Harrison smiled and respectfully handed over a gift box.

“Well done, you’ve truly matured,” General Murray nodded in satisfaction as he accepted the gift. “A prodigal son returns home, and your change of heart warms my soul.


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