An Understated Dominance Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: “Revealing the Truth”

After opening the gift box and seeing the white cloth inside, General Murray’s smile froze. The box didn’t contain any valuable items or heartfelt gestures; it held nothing but a white cloth.

“Is this your gift?” General Murray furrowed his brows slightly, his eyes filled with confusion.

“Why? Father, do you not like it?” Harrison asked calmly, maintaining his respectful and humble demeanor.

“Like it?” General Murray’s expression darkened, and he angrily tossed the gift box onto the ground. “Take a good look at what you’ve given me!”

With a loud crash, the gift box shattered, revealing the white cloth.

Upon witnessing this, everyone in the room was stunned.

“What’s going on? Why is a birthday gift just a piece of white fabric?”

“Isn’t that just a white cloth? Why would anyone give such a thing?”

“No wonder the General is angry. It’s unthinkable! What is Harrison thinking?”

People began to murmur in confusion.

The once festive atmosphere quickly turned tense.

“Brother, why did you give this? Could it be a mistake?” Max furrowed his brows.

“Brother, take this back immediately, or it will be embarrassing!” Caden sternly said.

Giving such an inauspicious gift on the day of a birthday banquet was surely a deliberate attempt to invite bad luck.

“It appears that Father is not satisfied with my gift.”

Ignoring the strange looks from those around him, Harrison carefully picked up the white cloth, dusted it off, and smiled. “This white cloth belonged to my wife. I’ve kept it for five years just for this day, to give it to you, Father.”

His words sent shockwaves through the room.

Especially the Murray family members, their faces turned pale, and their bodies shivered. The events of the past had almost become a forbidden topic within the family. No one had expected Harrison to bring up the past on the day of his return.

“Brother! What are you talking about? Why would you bring this up? Are you drunk?” Max scolded while pleading with General Murray, “Dad, please don’t take him seriously; he must be drunk.”

“I’m not saying that the past didn’t happen.”

Harrison continued to smile as he spoke, “Father, do you remember? It was you who drove my wife to her death. You forced her to hang herself, separating us forever.”

“Today, are you here to celebrate your birthday, or are you here to face judgment?”

General Murray’s expression turned uncertain.

“I just want justice for my late wife.”

Harrison smiled again and gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. “Father, if you can repent and admit your wrongdoing regarding my wife, I might consider forgiving you.”

“Harrison! You’re being outrageous!”

Max couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He raised his hand and slapped Harrison across the face. “Today is Dad’s birthday, and you’re causing a scene. I order you to apologize to Father immediately!”


Harrison laughed softly, wiping the fresh blood from his mouth. “General Murray, you caused my wife’s death and ruined my life. You pushed me into hell. You want me to apologize? Is that appropriate?”

“Big Brother, you’re still the same as ever—always obedient and never questioning anything. The moment General Murray glares at you, you’re scared into submission. You’re really spineless,” Harrison shook his head.

“You… You’re incorrigible! Today, I will teach you a lesson!”

Max couldn’t contain his anger any longer and raised his hand to strike Harrison.

However, Harrison suddenly drew a knife and ruthlessly stabbed it into Max’s chest.


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