An Understated Dominance Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: “Valoria’s Darkfang”


When they witnessed this scene, everyone’s faces turned pale with shock.

Wasn’t Caden a Semi-master level expert?

Wasn’t he supposed to dominate the room effortlessly?

How did he end up spitting blood after just one confrontation?

“Lord Caden!”


Lily and Shiela were shocked and rushed forward to help Caden up.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Caden trembled as he coughed up blood repeatedly, his face filled with shock and disbelief.

Ever since he had cultivated the Devouring Soul Technique, he had been confident in his strength. While he might not be invincible, he believed he could dominate his peers. Why did he get suppressed so easily today? Was he really this weak, or was the enemy too strong?

“Who… who are you?!” Caden clenched his teeth, unwilling to accept his defeat.

“Darkfang from the Valoria (Warrior Kingdom),” the black-clothed figure slowly revealed their face beneath the hood, displaying a foreign visage.

Their cheeks were gaunt, and their eye sockets were deep, giving off a sinister vibe.

“What? Darkfang? Isn’t that a martial arts master from Valoria? Why is he here?”

“It seems that Harrison spared no expense. He actually invited a martial arts master from the Valoria. No wonder Caden couldn’t match up.”

“This is bad! The armed forces of the Murray Clan are of no use, and now Caden is defeated. Could today be a disaster for the Murray Clan?”

When they learned of Darkfang’s identity, the whole room erupted into an uproar.

A martial arts master at this level could be considered invincible. Their sudden arrival made them nearly unstoppable.

It seemed that the Murray Clan was in deep trouble.


Caden’s face changed, filled with apprehension. “Harrison, I admit that you are indeed the most outstanding among us three brothers. However, unfortunately, you have underestimated the depth of the Murray Clan.”

“Do you think that just with a martial arts master, you can sweep through the Murray Clan? If that’s the case, I can only say you’re too naive!”

“Today, I’ll let you witness the true strength of the Murray Clan!”

Suddenly, Caden took a deep breath, activating his internal energy, and shouted loudly, “Murray Clan in crisis! Seeking Ancestor’s aid!”

His voice was like thunder, resonating with a deafening boom. It caused the drinks on the table to ripple and the ears of everyone in the room to ring.

After that shout, some of the key members of the Murray Clan were immediately invigorated.

Few people knew that hidden within the Murray Clan was a top-tier expert referred to as “the Ancestor.”

This person was already a martial arts master many years ago. Although they rarely made appearances, their strength was undoubtedly the pinnacle of the region.

The Ancestor usually secluded themselves in training and never interfered with the affairs of the Murray Clan. Nobody dared to disturb them.

However, now that the Murray Clan was facing a crisis, they had no choice but to invite the Ancestor to suppress the situation.

Believing that as long as the Ancestor intervened, someone like Darkfang from the Valoria wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.

“Harrison! It’s not too late to stop now. Once the Ancestor steps in, your life will be in jeopardy!”

“That’s right! If you stop in time, there’s still a chance for survival. Otherwise, you’ll face certain death!”

Murray members chastised Harrison, trying to convince him to surrender.


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