An Understated Dominance Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Trapped

Dustin quickly realized the gravity of the situation, his face showing deep concern.

Something capable of restraining a martial arts master was exceedingly rare, and the Dragon-Binding Rope was one such example.

Rumors had it that the Dragon-Binding Rope was incredibly tough, resistant to blades and swords, impervious to water and fire. Even a martial arts master bound by it would be helpless, only able to await their fate.

However, this item was under the control of the Martial Law Bureau and was unattainable for ordinary people.

“That’s right, this large net is woven with the Dragon-Binding Rope, specifically designed to deal with martial arts experts like you,” Harrison admitted openly, “Originally, I had it as a precaution, but it looks like it has come in handy now. So, who do you think will win?”

Below the Grandmaster level, no matter who it was, once they were bound by the Dragon-Binding Rope, even if they had extraordinary abilities, it would be of no use.

“Oh no! Dustin is trapped by the Dragon-Binding Rope, and now there’s no one to stop Dreadclaw!” Caden’s face turned pale.

Dustin’s sudden burst of strength had given him a glimmer of hope, but he hadn’t expected that Harrison still had an ace up his sleeve.

“Damn, it’s truly beyond redemption now,” sighed the Murray family members. The faint glimmer of hope that had just arisen had quickly turned into despair.

“General Murray, no one can help you now,” Harrison’s gaze shifted to his own father, and he said coldly, “I’ll give you two options. Either apologize to my deceased wife, or I’m gonna tear down the whole General’s Residence!”

“You fool! You’re toying with your own destruction!” General Murray bellowed, “Even if I’m mistaken, I’ll never say sorry to a spy like her!”

“Don’t force me!” Harrison’s voice was filled with anger, gritting his teeth.

“You’re the one pushing me to this!” General Murray’s face showed unwavering resolve. “To defend a woman like her, you’re willing to defy the entire family. You’ve truly gone insane!”

“Shut up! I won’t allow you to insult her!”

Harrison roared and rushed forward with his sword.

At this moment, he had completely lost his reason and swung his sword without mercy.


Harrison’s fierce strike landed heavily on General Murray’s shoulder after tearing through his clothes, but it was blocked by General Murray’s armor, unable to penetrate.

“You idiot! You’re actually going to kill me!”

General Murray’s expression darkened, his eyes filled with raging fury.

Harrison was about to pull back his sword but was stopped by General Murray, who held his hand firmly.

“Dreadclaw! Attack!”

Unable to withdraw his sword, Harrison shouted.


Dreadclaw leaped forward, pouncing on General Murray like a hungry tiger, his fingertips surrounded by a powerful aura capable of cutting through steel.

If he grabbed hold of someone, it would surely open them up and spill their guts.

“General, be careful!”

“Quick! Protect the General!”

Many people’s faces turned pale.

Although many warriors rushed forward, they couldn’t match Dreadclaw’s speed and could only watch as General Murray faced imminent danger.

“It’s over. The General is as good as dead!”

Many people closed their eyes unwillingly.

How could an elderly general withstand the attack of a martial arts master?

“Sky Sword!”

Suddenly, Dustin roared, and a black sword descended from the sky at an astonishing speed.

It pierced through the roof and slashed towards Dreadclaw like a bolt of lightning.

Despite its incredible speed, it was still too late, and everyone believed the situation was hopeless.

But just as everyone thought the battle was lost—

General Murray unexpectedly took action. With unbelievable speed, he grabbed Dreadclaw’s neck, lifting him into the air.

Then, in front of Dreadclaw’s terrified gaze, he suddenly squeezed.


Dreadclaw’s head tilted to the side, instantly dying.


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