An Understated Dominance Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 True Strength Revelation


Dustin was stunned.

Caden was stunned.

Harrison was stunned too.

The members of the Murray family, along with all the guests present, were all wide-eyed and wore expressions of disbelief.

When Dreadclaw launched his attack, they all thought that General Murray was in grave danger.

Because a martial arts master could easily kill an elderly man like General Murray, it would be as simple as cutting vegetables, requiring no effort at all.

However, none of them had expected that the final outcome would be the complete opposite.

Not only did Dreadclaw fail to harm General Murray, but he also lost his own life.

Moreover, General Murray didn’t even spare a glance, simply grabbing Dreadclaw, suspending him in mid-air, and then crushing his neck with a single hand.

The ease with which he did it made it seem as if he had killed not a martial arts master, but a mere chick.

“I… I must be seeing things, right? Dreadclaw… actually died?”

“Oh my god! One move to instantly kill a martial arts master? Isn’t that too powerful?”

“So, the old General is the one who’s truly been hiding his strength. We were blind!”

After a brief silence, the scene erupted into an uproar.

Looking at the imposing General Murray, everyone’s minds were in shock, and their expressions were filled with indescribable astonishment.

They had never imagined that an almost eighty-year-old General like General Murray would still possess such incredible power.

It was simply inconceivable.

“Hah! You think too highly of yourself!” General Murray scoffed, effortlessly holding Dreadclaw with one hand and nonchalantly tossing him aside, a look of disdain etched across his face. There was a loud “bang” as Dreadclaw’s corpse crashed to the ground, splattering blood.

“How… how is this even possible? Are you really a martial arts expert?” Harrison stammered, his fear causing him to retreat a few paces, his face displaying sheer disbelief.

In his memory, he had never seen General Murray take action.

Even when he was ambushed and assassinated, he had never revealed his true strength.

He had always thought that his father’s martial arts skills were not that high.

However, now he realized he was wrong, and very wrong at that.

The true ace of the Murray clan was not “the Ancestor”, but his father, General Christopher Murray!

“Did you believe I rose to the rank of Grand Marshal by chance?” General Murray’s countenance turned icy, his gaze piercing. “After decades of warfare on the battlefield, hundreds of battles fought, if I didn’t possess a certain level of strength, would I even be alive today?”

“You… you’ve deceived us for decades!” Harrison gritted his teeth, feeling unwilling.

“I’ve been fighting against villains, not school kids,” General Murray declared loudly. “For all these years, I’ve hidden my true strength to give all of you a chance, to let you shine, because I didn’t want any of you to live in my shadow!”

The position of the Dragonmarsh’s Protector General was extremely rare, from ancient times to the present. To reach the same level as the Protector General was like trying to climb to the heavens.

In other words, as long as he held the position and wielded power, his three sons would never have a chance to rise.

Thus, he had voluntarily retreated into the background, choosing early retirement in the hope that his sons would climb onto his shoulders and reach greater heights.

In fact, his youngest son, Harrison, could have inherited the position of the General.

Sadly, he had strayed from the right path and squandered his once-promising life.

“That’s it! Spare me your lofty rhetoric. If you genuinely cared about me, you wouldn’t have pushed my wife to her death!” Harrison bellowed in fury


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