An Understated Dominance Chapter 1135

hapter 1135 The Unleashing of Deadly Warriors

“Come on, are you seriously going to stand your ground on this?” General Murray snapped. “That woman has been deceiving you from the beginning; she’s out to ruin you. Why put your faith in her instead of your own family?”

“Shut up! I severed all ties with you folks five years ago, and that’s final!” Harrison’s face contorted with menace.

“You… you’re beyond stubborn!” General Murray seethed with anger.

He had explained everything he needed to, said his piece, and yet, he couldn’t fathom why Harrison refused to listen.

“General Murray! I admit, I underestimated you and your household, but if you think you’ve got this all figured out, you’re dead wrong!”

Harrison gave a sinister grin and pulled a whistle from his pocket, blowing it with force.


Following the sharp whistle, there was an immediate commotion outside.

A group of heavily armored, burly guards burst into the room, exuding an intimidating aura far greater than the previous goons.

Their presence was overwhelming and sent shivers down spines.

“This is a team of elite warriors I’ve spent five years molding. Each one of them has been handpicked and battle-hardened!”

“Especially their armor, forged from top-grade mystic iron. It’s impervious to blades and flames, capable of withstanding even the attacks of martial arts masters.”

“I know they can’t kill you, but as soon as I give the order, these warriors will unleash indiscriminate carnage!”

“At that moment, everyone in this banquet hall will meet their end!”

Harrison laughed wildly, looking somewhat unhinged.

At this point, he was prepared for a scenario of mutual destruction. Even if he couldn’t harm Christopher directly, he was determined to bring down the entire Murray family with him.

He yearned for General Murray to feel remorse, to taste the bitterness of losing his loved ones.

“What on earth! Is this guy out of his mind? Why is he pulling us into this? This is a family matter; they should handle it themselves!”

“Yeah! Whatever’s happening with the Murrays, we shouldn’t be dragged into it!”

“If we had known we’d get caught up in such a mess, we wouldn’t have come to celebrate today.”

Due to Harrison’s words, the guests at the scene trembled in fear, their faces paled.

They had initially come as spectators, mere onlookers.

Now, with the arrival of these warriors, the balance was shattered, and they were all inadvertently pulled into the chaos.

It was akin to gods locked in combat, while mortals bore the brunt of their strife.

“Are you attempting to intimidate me?” General Murray surveyed the room, his tone frigid. “Do you believe a group of warriors like these can wipe out the entire Murray lineage?”

“You can take as many lives as you please, but remember this: I’ll turn the entire Murray estate into a relentless nightmare!” Harrison’s determination was unwavering.

“You’re far too naive. The General’s household has endured for countless years; do you truly think its strength is merely skin-deep?”

General Murray shook his head, his expression clouded with disappointment. “Today, I’ll unveil the true power concealed within the Murrays!”

With that, he casually clapped his hands.

*Clap, clap, clap…*

As the clapping reverberated, the banquet hall quivered.

In unison, the roof was violently ripped apart.

Dozens of assassins dressed in black, their faces concealed by masks, suddenly descended from the heavens, landing in front of the warriors.

And then, before anyone could react, these enigmatic black-clad assassins transformed into swift streaks of shadows, seamlessly weaving through the ranks of the warriors.

Like a whisper of wind drifting by, utterly soundless.

When the black-clad assassins stood still again, each one was holding a bloody severed head.


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