An Understated Dominance Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137: The Echoes of Revenge

The explosion sent guests sprawling, with some suffering severe injuries and others meeting an instant demise.

In the horrifying aftermath of the blast, the entire banquet hall was transformed into a flattened wasteland.

The air resounded with cries of anguish, and bloodied remnants were strewn about.


General Murray, his face a portrait of anguish, paid no mind to his own injuries. He urgently rushed to the heart of the explosion amidst the wreckage, desperately searching.

Yet, his relentless quest only unveiled the shattered remnants of Harrison.

The explosion had obliterated Harrison into an unrecognizable mass.

The most intact part was a half-bloodied, blurred head.

” Harrison! My dear son!”

General Murray held the broken remains, tears streaming uncontrollably. “Why? Why did you do this? Why did you act so recklessly? Why?”

He couldn’t fathom, nor could he accept, that Harrison had resorted to such an extreme measure.

For revenge, he had even forsaken his own life.

General Murray was overcome by anguish, regret, anger, but above all, despair.

His most cherished son was gone, and his most promising successor was lost.

The entire General’s residence lay in ruins.

And the cause of all this devastation traced back to a woman’s gambit five years ago, a scheme that had sown the seeds of this catastrophe.

This… was the embodiment of a heart driven by ruthless vengeance!

Just as General Murray sobbed, holding his son’s lifeless body, a ghostly figure suddenly crept near.

With astonishing speed, utterly silent, and drowned by the surrounding wails, the figure remained undetectable.

“General, watch out!”

Dustin, having just looked up, witnessed the scene and immediately shouted a warning.


Before the words could leave his lips, the figure struck General Murray with a thunderous blow to his back.


General Murray spat out a mouthful of blood, hurtling over ten meters before crashing heavily to the ground.

The recent explosion, combined with the shock of his son’s death, had shattered his mental defenses, leaving him severely vulnerable. He had no chance to react to the sudden assault.

“Who… who are you?”

General Murray struggled to his feet, a whirlwind of shock and anger churning within him.

The assailant’s attack had been ruthless and overwhelmingly powerful, shattering the majority of his meridians and leaving him in a critically weakened state.

“Hehehe… Old friend, after all these years, we meet again,” a hoarse laugh accompanied the appearance of a short, elderly man in traditional Japanese attire, emerging from the lingering smoke and dust.

His wooden clogs resonated with a distinct “clang-clang-clang” as he advanced.

“Tatsuharu Yamamoto?”

Upon closer scrutiny, General Murray’s countenance grew even darker. “So, it’s you, you old dog!”

The newcomer was none other than Tatsuharu Yamamoto, the patriarch of the Tatsuharu Family and one of the ten Sword Saints of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix.

“Old friend, despite the years apart, it seems you still remember me,” Tatsuharu Yamamoto smiled, but his eyes betrayed a chilling coldness.

“Hmph! I’d recognize you even if I were reduced to ashes. Tell me, after I crippled your legs thirty years ago, do you dare to set foot on Dragonmarsh’s territory now?”

“When it comes to the events of thirty years ago, I remember them vividly. I couldn’t bear that humiliation, which is why I’ve come for revenge today,” Tatsuharu Yamamoto smirked. “Of course, I’m a generous person. I won’t let you leave this world alone. I’ll wipe out your entire family, and your loved ones will accompany you in death. How’s that for a surprise?”


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