An Understated Dominance Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138: The Revelations of Vengeance

“Yamamoto, you old schemer! Do you truly believe you can cause chaos here?” General Murray gradually straightened his posture, his gaze brimming with lethal intent. “Thirty years ago, I could knock you into the dirt, and I’m just as capable of it today.”

“Old friend, don’t overestimate yourself. You might deceive others, but you can’t deceive me,” Yamamoto sneered, shaking his head. “After years of warfare, your body is littered with scars, and with the recent explosion and my full-strength blow, you’re gravely wounded. I doubt you can even stand steadily now.”

“If you doubt me, go ahead and try,” General Murray challenged, assuming a defensive posture.

Tatsuharu Yamamoto assessed him from head to toe, refraining from an immediate attack. Instead, he persisted in taunting, “Old friend, how does it feel? Losing your son must be devastating, isn’t it? For the past five years, I’ve covertly invested significant effort in grooming him, but it appears it wasn’t sufficient.”

“So, it was you, you old schemer, who orchestrated all of this!” General Murray clenched his teeth, his breathing becoming rapid. “There are reasons for grievances, and you could have come after me. But why drag my son into this?”

“Hehehe… To confront you directly would be too difficult, so I had to exploit your weaknesses. Your youngest son, Harrison, was your biggest weakness.” Yamamoto grinned. “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention something. Harrison’s wife, the woman who hung herself in the General’s residence five years ago, she—she was my daughter!”

“You… What did you say?” General Murray trembled, finding it hard to believe.

“How does it feel? Quite a surprise, isn’t it?” Tatsuharu Yamamoto laughed even more joyfully. “To get back at you, I deliberately had my daughter get close to your son, entangling him in a love affair. When the time was right, I ordered my daughter to hang herself, setting up the stage for your father and son to turn against each other. This plan was just too perfect!”

“You despicable wretch!” General Murray seethed. “For the sake of revenge, you didn’t spare even your own daughter. Have you no humanity left?”

“What does a daughter matter? In our Kingdom, women are treated as commodities, expendable at any moment. My daughter willingly sacrificed herself for my revenge scheme; it was a matter of honor. Besides, she succeeded and fulfilled her purpose.” Yamamoto remained callous and indifferent.

To achieve great things, one must be ruthless.

What did it matter if he lost a daughter?

“You despicable scum! I’ll kill you!” General Murray’s eyes bulged, and he lunged forward, delivering a palm strike towards Yamamoto.

Yamamoto’s eyes narrowed, and he retaliated with a palm strike of his own.

The iron palms of the two grandmasters clashed in mid-air.


A thunderous explosion reverberated.

Fierce energy erupted, and a shockwave of internal energy (Qi) burst forth from the point of collision, violently knocking down those unfortunate souls nearby, causing them to crash heavily onto the ground and cough up blood.


Yamamoto was pushed back by the collision, sliding more than ten meters away, leaving deep marks on the ground from his feet.

In contrast, General Murray, after retreating two steps, stabilized his stance.

The difference in strength was clear.


As General Murray prepared to strike again, his body suddenly shuddered. With a violent “wretch,” he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

His entire body wobbled, and he nearly fell to the ground.

Already severely injured, forcing his internal energy (Qi) had only worsened his condition.


Seeing this, Yamamoto couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Old friend, it seems you’re no longer capable.”

Fortunately, the opponent had been injured earlier; otherwise, he might not have been able to withstand that last strike.

“You vile and shameless creature!” General Murray clen


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