An Understated Dominance Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139: The Hostage Drama

Moments ago, Yamamoto had clearly provoked him intentionally, baiting him into launching an attack to gauge his actual power. Now, he didn’t even have the opportunity to mount a counteroffensive.

“Old friend, in victory or defeat, you have already lost. Today is the day of your death,” Yamamoto grinned. “But before you die, I want you to watch your descendants be slaughtered!”

Saying this, he snapped his fingers.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

In the next moment, a large number of ninjas emerged from underground. These ninjas were meticulously trained assassins of the Tatsuharu Family, each of them highly skilled. Not only were they powerful, but they were also masters of assassination techniques. They appeared like ghosts, making it difficult to defend against.

“Hold them off!” General Murray roared.

The black-clad assassins of the Murray family immediately drew their swords and rushed forward. Although they were outnumbered, they were much more skilled, and facing multiple opponents was not a problem for them.

However, the ninjas from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix kept coming, and as soon as one was killed, another would immediately emerge from underground. For a while, the two forces were deadlocked.

“Stop! Stop all of you! Otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

At this moment, a loud voice rang out. Tatsuharu Nakamura, who was among the crowd, suddenly walked out, grabbing Shiela and placing a knife against her throat.

“Shiela?!” General Murray’s face immediately changed.

The members of the Murray family were equally stunned and incensed. The previous explosion had reduced the entire banquet hall to rubble, and the ensuing mayhem had diverted everyone’s attention, preventing them from noticing Nakamura’s moves. It was inconceivable that this individual had concealed himself among the guests, covertly snatched Shiela, and was now using her as a hostage.

Now, even if they wanted to resist, they had to be careful not to provoke him further.

“Nakamura! You have some nerve to hold my daughter hostage! Release her immediately!” Caden was furious.

Just earlier, the two sides had reached an agreement to cooperate in dealing with Dustin. They had not expected Nakamura to turn on them so suddenly.

“Caden, don’t attempt to intimidate me. The Murray family is already on the brink, and it’s now the Tatsuharu Family that’s in control!” Nakamura sneered. “Now, swiftly command your people to disarm or I’ll kill her!”

As he spoke, he lightly lifted the blade, piercing Shiela’s skin.

A thin stream of blood flowed down her fair neck.

“Hahaha… My grandson truly doesn’t disappoint! Excellent job!” Tatsuharu Yamamoto erupted in laughter once more.

In a direct confrontation, even if they emerged victorious, the painstakingly cultivated strength of his own family would incur substantial losses. However, with Tatsuharu Nakamura holding Shiela as a hostage, he could compel them to capitulate entirely without resorting to combat.

“Why? Aren’t you supposed to be Garrett’s friend? Why are you doing this?” Shiela found it hard to believe.

“Friend?” Tatsuharu Nakamura chuckled, his tone mocking. “Shiela, do you have a problem with your brain? I’m from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, and you’re from the Dragonmarsh. How could we ever be friends?”

“What about last night?” Shiela was puzzled.

“Hehehe… Shiela, can’t you see it now?” Nakamura sneered. “Last night, I kidnapped you to use as leverage against Dustin.”

“I just didn’t expect that when the truth came out, Garrett would actually speak up for me and deliberately slander Dustin. I can only say that you Dragonmarsh people never change. You always fight amongst yourselves. It’s because of this that you gave me the opportunity.”

With these words, Shiela was thunderstruck, frozen in place.


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