An Understated Dominance Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 The Showdown

Nakamura was encircled by a multitude of skilled ninja, forming a formidable force that would pose a considerable challenge even to the most elite assassins among the General’s fighters. While Dustin possessed considerable strength, he couldn’t dispatch them all in an instant.
“Enough talking! If you want to ensure your daughter’s safety, move quickly and assist!” Dustin pressed.

“I’ll assist you!” Lily acted first, darting forward to begin the process of unwinding the ropes. The Dragon-Binding Rope was tightly wound, impervious to brute force; they had to meticulously untangle it.


At this moment, Nakamura’s final countdown fell, and he grinned maliciously. “Since you won’t drop your weapons, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

With that, he raised his sword and struck directly at Shiela’s arm.


Caden roared, fighting through the pain to rush forward, but he was quickly stopped by the ninja from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix.


In this critical moment, a silver needle shot out, accurately striking Nakamura’s sword.


The sound of metal clashing echoed.

Nakamura’s sword was knocked from his grasp and flew through the air, spinning before crashing to the ground, producing a burst of sparks.

“Who’s there?!” Nakamura was both surprised and furious, quickly retreating behind Shiela. Simultaneously, he waved his hand, instructing the ninja to stand in front of him to prevent any sneak attacks.

“It’s you!” Nakamura stuck half of his head out from behind Shiela’s shoulder, smiling. “Mr. Dustin, the Murray family is wishing to kill you in various ways, and yet you still want to help them? Is it worth it? If you join our Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, I guarantee wealth, honor, and endless enjoyment for you!”

“I’m not assisting the Murray family. I’m doing this solely because I can’t tolerate you,” Dustin retorted candidly. “You mongrels from the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix dared to act recklessly on Dragonmarsh’s territory. When I see one, I’ll kill one.”

“So, does that mean there’s no room for negotiation between us?” Nakamura’s expression darkened.

“In your present condition, you have no leverage for negotiations,” Dustin retorted.

With that, Dustin swiftly unraveled the Dragon-binding Rope and stowed it away. This valuable item was scarce and could prove useful later.

“Hold on! I still have a hostage! If you take one step closer, I’ll snap her neck!” Nakamura reached out, clutching Shiela’s throat and shouting frantically.

“Nakamura! Please, stop! Don’t harm my daughter!” Caden cried out.

“Dustin, heed him! If anything befalls Shiela, your life will be the price!” Vivian’s group chanted in unison.


In that instant, a silver needle suddenly streaked through the air, whizzing past Shiela’s ear and, with calculated precision, striking Nakamura squarely in the forehead.

Nakamura shivered all over, his face contorting in terror.

In the next second, his head exploded with a resounding “bang,” resembling a bursting watermelon.


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