An Understated Dominance Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 The Ultimate Duel

With that, he grabbed Shiela’s wrist and forcefully pulled her away.

“No! I won’t go! Let go of me!” Shiela began to struggle frantically.

She already owed Dustin once and didn’t want to owe him again. Otherwise, she’d never find peace in her life.

“Shiela, your dad is right. Time is running out, we need to go quickly!”

“Yes, Shiela! Lives are at stake; don’t be stubborn!”

“Even if Dustin dies, as long as we survive, it’s an honor for him to sacrifice for the General!”

At this moment, Chase and Vivian, along with others, also tried to persuade her.

If they could use Dustin’s life to ensure their safety, it would be a tremendous advantage.

“You can leave if you want, but I won’t!” Shiela remained stubborn and refused to listen.

“Stubborn girl!”

Caden was infuriated, and he slapped his daughter, scolding her, “You can’t be hard-headed now! You must listen to me today! Get someone to drag her away!”

Shiela was dazed, her face in her hands, feeling bewildered.

Chase and Vivian exchanged glances and then both grabbed Shiela’s arms, forcibly pulling her outside.

Meanwhile, on a battlefield-turned-ruins:

Both sides continued to battle, and both suffered heavy casualties.

Bodies fell one by one, and the battle was intense.

“Step aside, all of you! You’re no match for him; let me deal with him!”

Seeing the General’s assassin team fighting so fiercely and courageously, Dustin couldn’t help but feel moved and quickly shouted.

Even though the General’s fighters were innate experts, they were powerless against Yamamoto, a martial arts master. But due to the melee, Dustin couldn’t unleash his full power, or else he might accidentally kill them.

So, he had them disperse to avoid unintended casualties.

“You all step back too! I want to kill this kid with my own hands!”

Yamamoto waved his hand, and the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix ninjas scattered.

Soon, the chaotic battle turned into a duel between the two.

“Has Dustin gone mad? He’s challenging Yamamoto one-on-one? Does he want to die faster?”

Vivian looked back with a puzzled expression.

“Hmph! He’s utterly overestimating himself! Yamamoto is one of the top ten Sword Saints of the Kingdom of the Golden Phoenix, and his strength is unmatched. Dustin challenging Yamamoto is like a moth flying into the flames!”

Chase shook his head, showing a look of disdain.

“This kid is really foolish! During the melee, Yamamoto was holding back, and now, without any restraints, he’s even more dangerous. He probably won’t last a single move!” Caden said, clearly frustrated.

They could have bought more time, but Dustin insisted on acting like a hero.

Once he was killed, their chances of escaping would diminish significantly.

“You fool! You killed my grandson and ruined my plans. Today, I’ll skin you alive!”

Yamamoto slowly drew his katana from his waist, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

Even though his opponent was much younger, he wouldn’t show any mercy.

“I’ll send you to hell!”

Yamamoto shouted angrily, stomped his wooden clogs, and rushed forward, raising his katana high and swinging it fiercely toward Dustin’s head.

Even before the blade reached him, the sharp sword aura had already torn the ground apart, leaving a deep mark.

“It’s over… This kid is finished.”

Seeing this, everyone shook their heads in pity.

Yamamoto’s full-powered strike was something very few could withstand.

“Sky Sword!”

Dustin extended his hand with a wave.


Suddenly, a black ancient sword shot out from the ruins like a black lightning bolt, piercing straight through Yamamoto’s chest.


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